The eternal plot of the power elite

Ascended Master Patrick, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

This is their eternal plot. They would prefer that no human being on earth ever dared to express any kind of Christhood, but they know that realistically they cannot prevent this, for once in a while there will be one who dares to speak out and demonstrate that Christhood. Although they do all manner of things to keep the population down, they know that once in a while there will be the rare few that will defy them and the programming of the mass mind. And when that happens, what do they do?

Well, as soon as that person has passed from the screen of life, they start idolizing that person, putting him up on a pedestal so that none dare follow the example. So even though one person had demonstrated Christhood, it will not become a trickle that will spread through others, eventually becoming a powerful waterfall that sweeps away and wears away the rock of those who have the consciousness that is not the rock of Christ, but the immovable rock of the serpentine mind.

They did this with me, when it became apparent that they could not prevent the people of Ireland from revering me as someone who had inspired their country. Well, they turned me into a saint, and not only that, a good Catholic saint who follows all the rules and directions of that Church for what a saint should be like. For once I was out of embodiment, I could not well challenge them, could I? So they could do with me whatever they wanted, as they have done with Christ whatever they wanted.

I can assure you that while I was in embodiment, I was following the inner guidance of my higher being, of my Lord Christ, of my Christ Self. I was flowing with the River of Life, letting the Holy Spirit flow through me. And I can assure you that what I preached was not “good Catholic doctrine” as it is seen today or as it was seen back then by those who had attained powerful positions, such as the Bishop who presided over me until I obtained independence through the grace of God and the enlightenment of one Pope who was not in the serpentine mind.

It is even a misunderstanding to say that St. Patrick was the one that not only brought Christianity but brought Catholicism to Ireland, for what I truly preached was a teaching that was far more universal than what has ever been preached by the mainstream Catholic Church. For I am sure you realize that in those days, communication was much more slow and much more primitive. So it was not possible to have an Internet broadcast of my sermons given in the mountains, so that the Pope in Rome could have some censor sit there and say, “Ah! That Patrick guy up in Ireland said something wrong! We have to reign him in!” I am sure you realize that had this been possible then, that is exactly what they would have done. And before long they would have had somebody come in on the airplane and put me in my place, as the Bishop in England tried to do several times.

I was surely up against those in the serpentine mind in the Kings and the Priests of the pagan religion. But I was also up against those in the serpentine mind in the Catholic Church itself, for they were surely there from the very beginning of the formation of that Church. As indeed Constantine himself was a primary example of a person who is completely identified with the serpentine mind.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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