The essential service

Ascended Master Jesus, January 4, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

And thus, as a representative of the sixth ray of God Peace and God Service, let me expound on how that ray can help you communicate from the heart.

My Beloved, the essence of service is what? It is precisely, as other masters have spoken about, that you come to the realization that all life is One and that the only way to raise up yourself is to raise up the All. Thus, as I said 2,000 years ago, “Greater love has no man than to lay down his life for a friend.” Well, greater love has no spiritual being in heaven than to lay down that spiritual life, enter into the realm – the material realm that is dominated by the death consciousness – in order to awaken a friend to the potential to rise above that consciousness. That is what my embodiment as Jesus exemplified, that which in the East is called the Bodhisattva vow. Those who hear the cries of the world, and instead of leaving the world behind stay with it – often re-embodying in it although they have no karmic reason for doing so – in order to help their unascended brothers and sisters awaken to their higher potential.

This, then – when you have passed the initiations of the fifth ray – becomes the very foundation for communication from the heart—the desire to serve and to raise all life. But here we must take a look at how this concept of service can be perverted—and has been perverted by those who are trapped in the illusion of the separate self. They are betrayed by their own good intentions into thinking that in order to serve other people, it is acceptable to force them – somehow – to be saved by becoming members of a particular religion that they have come to believe will give them automatic entry into the kingdom of heaven. Even though I made many statements and gave several parables specifically to show you that no outer religion can guarantee your entry to the wedding feast. For the kingdom of God is within, and how can you enter that inner kingdom through any external means, my beloved?

It can only happen through a transformation of consciousness, a transformation of the heart. And thus, you cannot force anyone to go through that transformation. It must come from within the being as the result of free choices.

Show people that there is MORE

But what you can do is show them that they have hope, as was stated in this letter that was read before the dictation. They have hope that there is a better life and that they can attain it, if they are willing to look for it. And thus, you can go and bring that hope by demonstrating that there is a higher state of consciousness, where you are not afraid to stand in front of the high and the mighty of this world—the power elite of this world, the temple priests and the scribes and the Pharisees in both the fields of science and religion. You are not afraid to stand before them and give witness to your spiritual – not beliefs, my beloved – your spiritual knowledge, your spiritual being, your God realization. Because, for you, God is not a theoretical concept that one can argue for or against endlessly without coming up with a final answer. For you have the final answer in experiencing the Living God within you.

“I and my Father are One.” This was my statement of joy. And it was the proof that there is a God, the only proof that can ever be when you consider free will. There cannot be an ultimate argument. There cannot be some manifestation in the heavens that all can see and none can deny, for it would violate the very Law of Free Will itself. Thus, my beloved, understand that even my miracles – my so-called miracles – were only shown to a few at the time and were actually not meant to be used to set me apart from other human beings, turning me into some kind of a god, or rather a false god, for there is none good but God, so why callest thou me good? Why callest thou me god? When I myself said, “I can of my own self do nothing.” How can you then come out and claim that Jesus Christ was God from the very beginning and that he had never sinned and that he could never have failed in his mission? What nonsense is this! And I look to you to not be afraid to challenge this, but indeed to challenge it at every opportunity, my beloved.

Question the unquestionable

For let me tell you that one of the greatest plots of the false teachers is to create an environment where none dare to speak out about the underlying paradigms and assumptions that they have elevated to the status of infallibility. Think about what other masters have said about the database in the subconscious mind and how it is founded upon a particular world view. Well, the false teachers have attempted to pull everyone into accepting one of the dualistic belief systems as the foundation for their personal database. And therefore, they attempt to create an environment where no one dares to speak out and challenge those dualistic illusions.

And thereby – can you see, my beloved – that as long as those dualistic illusions are not challenged, well then the people look at every aspect of life through the filter of those illusions, having built their personal databases entirely on those illusions. And thus, how can they ever come to see the living truth? How can they come to experience the Spirit of Truth which cannot – certainly, you can see – be fit into any database based on duality? And this is, then, the catch-22, where the false teachers, the blind leaders, seek to hold people indefinitely, thinking that if they can hold people trapped, they can maintain control over this planet—not being able to realize that the very force of the Mother Kali will break down all of their prison walls.

For you see, my beloved, as my Mother explained, you cannot be satisfied, fully satisfied, by anything in this world. So even if you have a beautiful theological foundation that describes God and the heaven world and the road to salvation, then you still cannot be fully satisfied with it, my beloved. Do you see that even the teachings we have given in this day and age, teachings that are way beyond the old dogmas and doctrines, teachings that I have put on my website and that are available elsewhere, those teachings by themselves cannot satisfy you fully? For you desire to go beyond an outer teaching expressed in words and experience the Living God, the Spirit of Truth within you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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