The essence of the spiritual path is surrender

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 18, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Certainly, it was a big surrender for me to break off my very comfortable and regimented monastic lifestyle to suddenly go back into the world and have a child. It was, again, a big adjustment to realize that we had to take that child out of Israel and flee to Egypt. There were many other adjustments as Jesus grew up and as he gained a clearer vision of his mission, and I gained a clearer vision.

Joseph’s death was a big adjustment for me, left with many children. When Jesus left home at an early age to go on his spiritual pilgrimage—when he came back. Certainly my beloved, when I stood in front of the cross watching him struggle and finally watching him give up the ghost of him giving up the last of his conditions, which inspired me to give up the conditions I had about how my son’s life and mission should unfold. For as Jesus has explained, he had certain illusions until the very end on the cross. And I too had certain illusions about how his spiritual mission should unfold. I even had certain illusions that I held on to after that, until the end of my embodiment when I finally let go of them all.

I simply tell you this: you have already surrendered much to be where you are right now. You have surrendered much, my beloved. So is it so difficult to accept that the path is about one thing—surrender, letting go of conditions? For once you accept this, it becomes so much easier to surrender the conditions. For you realize that the more you surrender, the more free you feel inside. And so you build a momentum, and once you get beyond a certain point, you realize that surrender is not loss, surrender is not sacrifice, surrender is not the Via Dolorosa. Surrender is joy. Surrender is freedom. And the more you let go of, the more free you are.

This is my gift to you this morning, the gift of surrender. Should you need help surrendering or gaining a clear vision of what to surrender – seeing the illusion so you can let it go – then apply to my heart. Give a rosary if you feel you need to. Or simply ask me and then listen for my answer. Listen both within and without. For I will find a way to give you the answer you seek. If you cannot hear me in your heart, I will send you a book or a person who will tell you.

The beauty of a spiritual community is that when you come together, you can help each other see things that you could not see in yourself. And I tell you again, the more unconditional acceptance you can have in your community, the more you can help each other and the faster you can grow both individually and collectively. For truly, we have no greater desire than to see a spiritual movement, a spiritual community, that will manifest what very few communities have manifested throughout the ages, namely an environment where everyone is unconditionally accepted for who they are. This does not mean that this is a community where anything goes and where the ego and the people who are caught in a serpentine consciousness of wanting control and power can control the community. But it means an environment where everyone can feel accepted.

For I must tell you that if you can create such an environment, you have the greatest protection possible against those who seek to destroy or control. For they will not be able to handle an environment where they are accepted. They want you to reject them, my beloved, because it confirms their essential illusion that they are separated from you and separated from God. And this is the illusion they need in order to maintain their need to feel that they are better than others. For they have not yet tired of playing the dualistic game that Jesus so eloquently spoke about at the last conference.

So my beloved, I leave you with the unconditional acceptance of a Mother’s heart. And I commend you for your willingness to share your heart flames. And I ask you to ponder how to unconditionally accept each other. But do not forget to look in the mirror and work on unconditionally accepting yourself. Thus, I seal you in the unconditional acceptance of my Mother’s heart, which truly can hold all people on this beautiful planet. Be at peace in my love.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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