The energy of anger against women in Christianity

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, February 14, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

This messenger has been here in Rome now for several days. He has walked around here, observed, made certain conclusions and – as is customary for him – made certain jokes about the Catholic Church and the Pope and what he has seen here. But he has been unwilling, in his own mind, to label it, for he did not want to be critical. Yet this afternoon, as his companion was taking the dictation from Mary Magdalene, I allowed him to feel an energy that he had not been willing to sense before, because he was not willing to look with the heart and to sense the vibration. He had come to certain realizations in his mind, but there was a particular energy, he was not willing to see in the Catholic Church because he has overcome it in himself lifetimes ago.

So this afternoon I allowed him – as Mary Magdalene was speaking inside Saint Peter’s Basilica – I allowed him to feel the opposition to that release of light, the return current, the reaction to that release of light. And he started by feeling uneasy, then agitated, and then, as he tuned in, he suddenly saw it. He saw the energy for what it was, and he saw that this energy is indeed the Catholic Church’s anger against women.

This anger is immense. This anger is an immense beast, that has been created by the Catholic Church. But it is actually older than the Catholic Church, for, of course, Christianity took over the Old Testament from the Jewish religion, and there you find the story of the fall of Eve. So, this anger goes back into the mist of history, and, of course, the Catholic Church is truly not the Catholic Church; it is the Roman Catholic Church. And quite frankly, as you know the word “Catholic” means “universal” it really should be called the Roman Church, for it is 99% Roman and 1% Catholic.

And the Roman Empire, as you clearly can see if you study it, also had immense anger against women. Look at this in the emperor who kills his own mother, for he feels threatened by the female energy. Look at how women were suppressed, treated almost as slaves, how men would have sexual relations with their own sisters, or they would rape women, treat them as sexual objects. So you see that immense anger, a combination, starting back in the Jewish religion blending with the anger from the Roman Empire, now having an anger both from what we might call the worldly, secular direction and the spiritual direction.

Anger and the Peter consciousness

The reality is, of course, that this is all focused – as Mary Magdalene mentioned in her dictation – this is all focused in Peter himself. If you read the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, you will see there clearly described how Peter was jealous of Mary Magdalene, because Jesus had a special relationship with her and had even given her a special spiritual instruction not given to the male disciples. And so, you see that Peter was the opening for the rejection of the role of women in Christianity.

Again, you see it is no coincidence that the Catholic Church claims to be based on Peter, for it is indeed an expression of the consciousness of Peter, the anger against the female element, the anger against women. But beyond that the anger against the female in oneself, for you are all male and female, in the sense that you have both polarities in your being. And you are all dealing with the dynamic described in the book of Genesis about the fall of Eve. As Saint Germain’s discoursed on yesterday about the myths of Romulus and Remus, behind these ancient myths is a deeper meaning, that can be understood when you are willing to look beyond the literal, superficial, surface interpretation. Thus, if you go beyond that, you know that it was not only women that fell; it was, so to speak, the female element that became susceptible to taking on the lower form. Yet here is the essential truth, that has never been brought out in a public forum. It was not the female element that fell; it was the Conscious You that decided to reject responsibility for itself, it was the Conscious You that refused to take this responsibility.

In refusing to take this responsibility, the Conscious You created that division in itself, in its own being. And as Saint Germain and I have now explained, after you had created this division, you did not want to face it. If you are not willing to take responsibility for yourself, how can you face that you are the one who made the choice to create the division? And so, you left it behind, you wanted to get away from it—and you thought you could go out and leave it in the forest. But it did not die in the forest, for you could not run away from your perception.

As I have explained, you started seeing the world through what you were not willing to see in yourself. You started projecting that state of consciousness onto the world, meaning the female aspect of your own being. And the female can only take on what is projected upon it, and thus it is correct that the female element is what manifested the imperfect form. But it was not the female element that chose to eat the forbidden fruit of duality, it was the Conscious You.

Now, you have a right to experiment with your free will, your co-creative abilities. You have a right to create any experience you want. You have a right to experience the world through the filter of duality, and there is nothing inherently wrong with it—if you are willing to use it as a learning experience. But you cannot use it as a learning experience if you are in denial and not willing to look at it. As long as you are not willing to look at it, you must continue projecting it outside yourself, meaning the Conscious You then projects it upon the female aspect of your being, you project it upon other people.

And now you start blaming other people, blaming the mother light, blaming the female element of your own being. And thus, you have the situation where many who are in a female body have come to accept this blame against women, feeling they have to take it on, feel guilty for it. And many who are in a male body have also accepted it, and feel therefore, that they need to look down upon women, to seek to control women or to feel anger against women. And what you see in the Roman Empire was a brutal attempt to control women and to put them down and to hold them in a certain place, where they could not be a threat to men.

Why the female gives rise to anger in the male

But why is there this need to put down the female element? What is it that the female element represents, that gives rise to such anger in the male element? Well, it is precisely two things.

First of all, the female element, the female aspect of creation, is not devoid of consciousness and is not devoid of wisdom. The female element knows exactly what will be the consequences of everything that is projected upon it from the masculine element of consciousness. And thus – if you are willing to listen to the female aspect of your own being – you can always know the consequences of your choices before you make or implement those choices. But of course, if you are not willing to look at yourself, if you are not willing to examine yourself in the mirror, then you are not going to want to listen to this. For only those who take responsibility for themselves are willing to listen and consider the consequences. Those who are not taking responsibility fall prey to the fallen consciousness—that they can escape the consequences of their actions, or that they can compensate by doing some outer action, that will then guarantee their entry into the kingdom of heaven, even though they have not looked at the beam in their own eye, as we have now explained many times.

This is one aspect of the feminine, and therefore even in society, especially a male-dominated society, women can represent that voice of reason, that voice that can help you make right decisions – if you are willing – but can also be an immense threat to the male ego, that wants to do what it wants to do and then never mind the consequences. Those we will try and run away from tomorrow, for today we want to have war, we want to have sex, we want to take whatever we want and experience it—and then we will worry about the karma later, but we think we can cheat our way out of it.

This is one reason why the female were put down, so that they could not provide that voice of balance, that could have prevented the men from going to war and destroying themselves or their society. Look at the Roman Empire: if women had been given a voice, there would not have been the division within the empire, nor would there have been the vulnerability. But then, of course, if women had been given a voice from the beginning, the Roman Empire would not have been such an outgoing empire based on conquest. It would have been a sustainable culture and civilization that would not have collapsed.

Withdrawing space from the anger against women

The other element of the female is, of course, what we have called the second law of thermodynamics, the contracting force of the mother, that will break down that which is created out of duality. And it also has been blamed upon women by the men, through the concept of original sin and many other subtle ideas. Given these two aspects – the wisdom and the breaking down of all that is not balanced, both being elements of balance – then you can see how there has arisen that anger against women, that immense anger that wants to destroy, that wants to rape, that wants to kill women, wants to put them down so they can never rise and threaten this male-dominated culture—that thinks it has created the perfect structure on earth. The structure that holds the keys to the kingdom of heaven, as the Catholic Church claims.

They think they will be guaranteed to go into heaven because of the structure they have created on earth. And they do not want the women to come with their wisdom and tell them this is not so, nor do they want the Divine Mothers’ contracting force to break down or shatter their structures or the consciousness behind it. This then, is a very strong and powerful energy on this planet, certainly found throughout the planet, but I can tell you that it is focused nowhere more powerfully than right here in Rome. I can also tell you, that the very focal point for this energy is below St. Peter’s Basilica in the crypt that holds the tomb of Peter.

This is not, of course, exclusively the responsibility of Peter or the soul of Peter. It is simply that this has become a focal point, because it has been such a focal point for the institution of the Roman Catholic Church, claiming its authority based on Peter. And so, through the focus of that Church, the anger against women has been focused right there in that space, in that tomb. Given that many people around the world have come to see this anger against women, I, Gautama, have decided to withdraw the space underneath Saint Peter’s Basilica that allows this anger against women to exist. I, Gautama, Lord of the World, withdraw that space in this minute. It is therefore gone; the space is no longer there, and that means that there is no longer that focal point for the anger.

This is not to say, that this is a worldwide withdrawal of the space, yet it can become so as more and more women stand up and as more and more men start looking at themselves in the mirror, rather than blaming it on women or refusing to listen to the voice of balance coming from women. And so, it is indeed our hope and intention, that this will spread and that this space can be withdrawn worldwide for this anger against women. But for now the very fact that the planetary focal point for this energy has been withdrawn is a significant step forward, that will make it much easier for women to throw off the yoke of suppression and blame—and will make it much easier for men to throw off the yoke of anger, that entraps them even more than it entraps the women. For the women in their wisdom can often see beyond it, but of course the men cannot in their denial.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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