The ego needs a fixed sense of identity

Ascended Master Jesus, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

But you see, my beloved, the reality here is this: your ego cannot flow with the River of Life because it cannot live without – it cannot exist, it cannot maintain a sense of self, a sense of continuity – without a fixed sense of identity. 

The ego cannot exist when you are constantly transcending yourself. And that is what I am asking you to keep in mind. Surely, you will go out, you will be confronted with some old momentum. Simply give it up! And accept that you are reborn. 

Whatever comes back to you, give it up. Accept that you are reborn. Whenever a projection comes from any lower state of consciousness, look at it if you need to look for a lie, but do not indulge in it. Do not go in and overanalyze. Look at it and see—for in many cases, my beloved, you have already seen through the lie.

You must understand that you can come to a point where your conscious self has seen through the lie. But you will still be confronted with the momentum, or even with projections from the mass consciousness. And that is why you can say to yourself, “But I thought I had given this up. And now I am experiencing it again. What is happening?”

Well, the reality is that as long as you are in embodiment – as long as you are walking these denser spheres – you will be confronted with momentums and projections from the mass consciousness. But once you have seen through the lie, what you need to do is become aware that this projection is directed at you and then simply give it up and accept that you are reborn, that this is not who you are. That you are more than this.

You see that if every time your ego projects something at you, you use it to be reborn and accept a higher sense of identity, well then your ego will eventually become so scattered – so frustrated, so blown apart by this constant self-transcendence – that it cannot maintain a grip on “reality,” it cannot maintain the continuous sense of identity.

And thus, you are simply accelerated beyond it. There may still be remnants of the separate self, as there will be some remnants of it as long as you are in embodiment. But your conscious self no longer identifies itself with it, because your conscious self no longer has a permanent, fixed, sense of identity that is based on the things of this world.

You realize that you are a spiritual being. And you realize that a spiritual being has no fixed sense of identity but is constantly flowing with the River of Life, is constantly transcending its sense of self. And therefore, you do not need to have that fixed permanent or semi-permanent sense of identity based on the things of this world. You see that you are MORE, and you are constantly flowing with it—you are not holding on to that sense of self. Whenever a limitation of your current sense of self becomes apparent to you, you let it go, you are reborn. You accept that you are reborn as MORE. And thus, the ego simply cannot keep up with you, the prince of this world cannot keep up, my beloved.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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