The ego as a substitute teacher

Ascended Master Jesus, May 26, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

When your conscious self first decided to turn its back to the spiritual teacher – the representative of God that you had in whatever higher realm you found yourself in when you decided to experiment with the duality consciousness – when that first happened, you made a decision, and it caused you to lose contact with the teacher. And thus, you felt alone. And you could not bear that sense of aloneness, and therefore you created the ego as a substitute teacher, as a replacement for the real teacher, whether it be Lord Maitreya in the Garden of Eden or other ascended beings in other realms and systems of worlds. For truly, many people on earth come from far-away places in this universe and beyond.
And thus, it is indeed true that many people believe that the ego and the prince of this world are their true teachers. There are even those who believe that the devil himself is the true liberator of humankind because as they say “Until we rebelled against the will of God, we did not truly have freedom and free will.” There are those who seriously believe that it was in the act of rebelling against God that human beings attained free will. But my beloved, if you did not already have free will, how could you have the option to rebel against God? And if God really was out to control you, why would he allow you to rebel against his law and separate yourself from him?
I know that the ego and the false teachers of this world have an array of sophisticated arguments against this simple logic. But when you look at it with the innocent mind of a child, you realize that all the sophistication is just camouflage, and it makes no sense. And thus, you can avoid following the subtle logic of the false teachers of this world who have only one goal in mind. And that is to keep the Conscious You thinking it is separated from your own higher being and from your God—and that you cannot come back to oneness with God on your own, that you need a savior from outside yourself.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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