The Eastern Orthodox Church

Ascended Master Elohim Purity, September 23, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

And thus, see how in this area you find a peculiar mixture of both Christian Orthodox churches and these monuments to Soviet power. Go back before Soviet time, and you will see that the Eastern Orthodox Church was indeed one of the primary factors that limited the people, their sense of self and their sense that they had power to improve their condition in matter.

What did the traditional Christian churches in both East and West give to the people? They gave to the people the sense that they could not transcend their conditions in this world. And thus, they had to submit both to the conditions in this world and to the power elite that had taken over the Church, or at least was in a peaceful coexistence with the Church and its hierarchy.

And thus, you see that Christianity has been used as an effective tool by the power elite to suppress the people, by getting them to focus on the next world. You might say that people had some hope under Christianity, that there could be an improvement of their situation. But it was a hope that was inevitably linked to the future, to an existence beyond this world.

And thus, the people did not think they had the power, nor that it was even their obligation, to improve conditions in this world. And thus, they did not speak out against their overlords in this world, be it the Church or the Tzar, or the king or the emperor—or whomever it might be that was in an alliance, an unholy alliance, with the Church.

So then, look at what happened with the communist takeover of this nation. You will see that most people did indeed have their faith in Christianity erased. Yet, you will also see, that even the Soviet Union allowed some existence of Christianity, because they realized that those who will not believe in Communism, would indeed still be pacified by believing in the next world and improvement of their situation in the next world, rather than in this world.

The creators of the Soviet Union had no higher principles

And so, what you see here is indeed a very simple realization, that most people in Russia have simply not come to, as of yet. And it is the fact, that those who were behind the Communist takeover and the establishment of the Soviet Union, did not have any higher principles. They did not believe that there were higher principles behind the philosophy of Karl Marx, as even Karl Marx did not believe so—even though he to some degree was so in love with the product of his own mind, as he thought it was, that he believed in at least some of it. Yet those who formulated the Soviet Union: Lenin, Trotsky and later Stalin and other leaders did not believe in Communism. They simply used Communism as a tool to suppress the people.

And if the Russian people, at least the spiritual people among them, could come to this realization and begin to consider what it truly means, then they could at least begin the process of separating themselves from the communist mindset, and therefore becoming the forerunners for allowing the Russian people to throw off the subtle thoughtforms that have been put into the collective consciousness during the years of open Communism. Whereas today, of course, you have a more hidden, a more camouflaged form of Communism.

For as many people will know, there is still very much a power elite in Russia, and even though the Church has now become more prominent in society, we are actually not moving forward. We are just moving backwards to the old era, where the Church and the power elite formed an alliance that suppressed the people very effectively.

And so, what I endeavor to explain here is that when you look at this from the perspective of the fourth ray of purity, you realize that what the power elite will always do, is to seek to take away the hope that the people can affect change in their material situation by their own power. And thus, they will seek to take away the belief by the people, the realization by the people, that they are more than matter, that they are spiritual beings who can be the open doors for a higher power, a higher vibration, to stream through them.


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