The Divine Mother is always pure

Ascended Master Jesus, March 23, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

Be not confused by appearances; do not judge after appearances. Make the subtle distinction here. Everything you see around you in the material realm is created out of the Ma-ter light that has taken on form. The Ma-ter light is an expression of God the Mother—in a sense we can say, that the Ma-ter light in its pure form IS God the Mother. Yet God the Mother has vowed to allow the self-aware beings, the co-creators, to experiment with their free will and thus take on any form that they impose upon it through the power of their minds. And thus, what you see on planet earth is manifestations of God the Mother, but not in a pure form, not in a form that is in accordance with the vision of God the Father, or the immaculate concept of God the Mother.

So you cannot look at the imperfections on earth and say that this is God the Mother. God the Mother can never be in any impure form, even though God the Mother allows her energies, her light, to take on an impure form in order to give God’s co-creators the opportunity to reap what they have sown. Yet God the Mother forever remains pure, remains undefiled by any imperfect manifestation in this world. God the Mother has always been pure—and will always remain pure. And when you obtain the Christ consciousness and see that there is no separation between God the Father and God the Mother, well, then you become the purity of God the Mother in embodiment. You become an expression of the purity of God the Mother.

Whether you are in a male body or a female body has no impact on this whatsoever. You still – when you attain the Christ consciousness – you become God the Mother in embodiment. For do you see, that the Creator in its pure infinite in-divided form does not express itself in this world? It is the Creator expressing itself as God the Mother, that has created the world of form. And thus, you need to even go beyond the expressions of God the Father and God the Mother, and perhaps find a more universal expression, such as the infinite God and the expressed God, the manifest God.

Your oneness with the expressed God

You, as self-conscious beings, are evolving towards God consciousness. And when you obtain that God consciousness, you can experience the Creator in its pure form. But as long as you are in embodiment in the world of form, you do not experience the Creator in its pure form, you experience the Creator in its expressed form as God the Mother. And that truly is the God that you become one with while you are still in embodiment.

You will know that I said, “I and my Father are One.” The reality behind that statement is, that when you are in embodiment, you hold a female polarity with the beings in the spiritual realm, namely the ascended masters. So when I said “I and my Father are One,” I acknowledged my oneness with my teacher and guru, Lord Maitreya—my oneness with my I AM Presence, my oneness with my spiritual lineage that leads all the way to the Creator. And thus, in acknowledging that oneness, I acknowledged the oneness of Spirit and matter, the spiritual realm and the matter realm. But what I am talking about here is an even deeper awareness of God as the infinite, unexpressed Creator and God as the expressed Creator—that has expressed itself in the finite world. And thus, it forms a different polarity than the polarity between the spiritual realm and the matter realm.

So you see, again, there are layers, there are wheels within wheels, but you need to contemplate here that your goal as Christed beings is to work towards the state of consciousness, where you have unified the two aspects of God—that have traditionally been seen as masculine and feminine, Alpha and Omega, Father and Mother. You no longer see any separation, even any difference, between them, because you realize that they have become one in your being. For that is the Christ consciousness—it unifies the two aspects of God, so that you overcome the illusion – that is possible only in the world of form – that any form could be separated from its source.

Salvation through the Divine Feminine

What I am telling you here is that the path to salvation, that I came to bring to this planet, was indeed the path to personal Christhood, but the path to personal Christhood is not a path that can be walked without the Divine Feminine. What has happened to Christianity is, that instead of becoming the religion it was meant to be, it became an extension of the Jewish religion. Which was a religion focused on the Father aspect of God and the denial of the Divine Feminine, that sprang from the falsified version of the Garden of Eden story, which blames Women and the Feminine for the fall of Man.

And thus, Christianity became another religion that denies the Divine Feminine. This was not my original intent, and that is why it is true – as some people are beginning to realize – that I had an entirely different view of women and women’s role in spirituality and religion, than what has been portrayed by the Catholic and later Christian Churches. They are almost all based on blaming women for the fall, and therefore raising man and the male aspect to some superior status, using it as an excuse for suppressing women physically and spiritually.

When you obtain Christhood, you rise above the gender roles on earth. It no longer matters whether you are in a male or female body, for you rise beyond human sexuality, and you do not see yourself as one or the other. It is simply of no consequence what your body is, or what your sexuality is, as it is so commonly discussed today. For it no longer has importance when you obtain that state of oneness, when you obtain that union of the Father-Mother, the Feminine-Masculine, the Outer and the Inner. And you realize that there was never a separation, for how could God be separated from itself, when God is infinite and thus is everywhere and thus must be in everything—and not the remote being in the sky.

That is why I said, that the Kingdom of God is within you. For as long as you picture God as the remote being in the sky, you will never obtain union with that God. You will only obtain that union, when you find the God that has expressed itself as You – as form – and you acknowledge your union with that God. Then you overcome the sense of separation. Then the masculine and feminine come together in perfect union, in perfect harmony. Then the inner has become the outer, and the outer has become the inner, as is quoted in the book of Thomas—and then you overcome that separation. Now you know who you are, now you know why you are here. And at that moment, you are reborn, as I attempted to explain to Nicodemus—who could not understand it because he could not separate himself from the linear, analytical mind based on duality and separation.

But what did I say, my beloved? “No man can ascend back to heaven save he that descended from heaven.” Only the conscious self can ascend back to heaven. And it can only ascend back to heaven when it realizes that it was never separated from heaven, it was never separated from its source, for it is an extension of the Creator’s own Being. That is when you are reborn into realizing who you always were, who you always have been. But this does not mean that you then disappear, for it now means that you can take the individuality you have created in the world of form and raise it up and resurrect it, so that it becomes one with the divine individuality anchored in your I AM presence. But in order for that to happen, you must let the unreal individuality – the individuality that is based on separation and duality, the mortal human self, the ego – you must let that identity die on the cross by giving up the ghost—the ghost that is some sense that you are separated from God.

And when you finally give up that ghost, then the human self will die. Then you can be reborn into knowing who you are, and then the Divine Mother and the Divine Father will come into perfect union in your being, and you will be as above so below. You will be here below all that you are above.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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