The delicate balancing act of the ascended masters

Ascended Master Maitreya, January 8, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

And so, my beloved, can you now perhaps begin to appreciate the situation that we of the Ascendant Host face? When we are dealing with students who are not affected by the duality consciousness, then explaining the true path of initiation and helping a student walk that path is a very straightforward matter. Yet when we are dealing with students who are affected by the duality consciousness – because they still have something they want to hide – then we are facing an infinitely more complex situation.

We simply cannot give you an explanation of the true path in its practical, realistic form. We need to give you a path, an explanation, that is adapted to your current level of consciousness and to the dualistic illusions that you are not yet willing to question. If we give you a clear description of the true path, you would either completely fail to comprehend it or you would likely reject it, or at least aspects of it.

In many spiritual movements, you find students who are still seeking to hide the fact that they do not have true self-esteem, and therefore they are seeking to hide, or to avoid questioning, the very conditions that allow them to feel that they have this false self-esteem by the belonging to an organization or by having followed a certain path of initiation offered in that organization. Look at the leaders or those who have been in such organizations for many years, and see how they feel that this entitles them to some status and some admiration and respect from the new members, or from those who do not have an outer position.

You will see it everywhere, as you see it in most religions or political or scientific organizations: this quest for an external status, this quest to be thought wise among men. So do you then see that we of the ascended masters face a somewhat delicate challenge? How do we, given all we know about the true path, take students who have so many subtle beliefs that come from the false path, and still get them to start transcending their false beliefs, so that they will come closer and closer to recognizing the true path?

What has happened in many spiritual organizations is that we were able to take the students to a certain level, and then a majority of the students were not willing to go further. They came to a point, where there were certain convenient beliefs from the false path that they were not willing to give up. For they were not willing to take full and final responsibility for their own state of mind. They were not willing to recognize that their perception was fundamentally colored by the beliefs they were not willing to look at, and that they would only go further on the path if they were willing to question their most fundamental perception of that path.

And so, they started taking certain statements out of context, and using them to justify why they did not have to question their beliefs about the false path. And my beloved, the danger of giving you any teaching expressed in words is precisely that words can be used and interpreted in ways that justify just about anything you want to justify. So it is entirely possible to take the words spoken by an ascended master – through a sponsored messenger who gave forth those words in the purest possible way – and still use those words to justify certain beliefs about the path that were given by the fallen beings, by the false teachers.

This is not only possible; it is very easy—when there are certain things in yourself that you are not willing to look at. For the very things that you are not willing to look at, will prevent you from seeing the deeper reality behind the outer words. And therefore, you will very conveniently be unable to see – or be able to justify ignoring – the words that do not confirm what the fallen beings are telling you. You will instead focus on the words that do seem to confirm what you want to believe. And therefore, you feel completely justified in following the false path—while thinking you are in reality following the true path defined by the ascended masters, a path that will guarantee your ascension.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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