The definition of Satan

Ascended Master Portia, May 30, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

And thus, do you not see what is the simplest definition of Satan? It is the consciousness that causes you to fight against consequences, instead of taking the Christ perspective of simply changing the cause and thereby also inevitably changing the consequences.

And so, what has happened to those who have gone into this consciousness of fighting consequences, is that they inevitably get sucked into the epic mindset created by the fallen beings. Which is indeed, that something has gone wrong with God’s plan, with God’s original design. And this, of course, can exist only when you believe that there is a standard for evaluating what should or what should not happen. And that you are the one who can define that standard, or that those whom you consider to be the ultimate authority on earth can define that standard for what has gone wrong with God’s plan.

And once you accept that there is such a standard, you are easily sucked into the epic struggle of now seeking to change what has gone wrong according to your definition. And this inevitably leads you to the conclusion that what has gone wrong is that some people have exercised their free will in a way that threatens God’s plan for the universe. And thus, it is your job to change these people, either through direct physical violence or through persuasion, of seeking to in any way persuade or manipulate them into conforming to your standard – your mental image of how the earth should be.

This, then, is the consciousness of Satan, that Peter attempted to put on Jesus in that crucial situation described in the gospels, where Jesus turned to him, looked him sternly in the eye and said: “Get thee behind me, Satan!”

For Jesus was committed to the greater process of God’s plan for the universe. Jesus had volunteered to take on the role of the Living Christ, to come into embodiment and to let people trapped in the dualistic consciousness do with him whatever they wanted, yet demonstrating that whatever they did to him, they could not change him. For he refused to see himself as being bound by consequences, ever remaining true to the reality that you as an individual being are not a consequence. You are a co-creator, which means you have the potential to be a cause and to change the consequence on earth.

But how do you truly change the consequence on earth? You do not change it by fighting current conditions. You change it by taking responsibility for yourself and saying “I am an individual, existing in this planetary unit. I do not have the right to violate the free will of others, but I do have the right to not let their choices violate or limit my free will. And therefore, I have a right to take responsibility for my own state of consciousness and to change my state of consciousness and to express a higher state of consciousness, regardless of what the majority on this planet are doing. So that I may be a light in the world—a light that is set on a hill and cannot be hid. So that those who are willing may see it as an example and be inspired by it, without me having to fight them or force them or persuade them in any way. I am simply the light of the world. I am the open door for the light to shine through my being, and thus I am the open door for the the flame of divine justice.” Or whatever flame you desire to be the open door for that will stream through you.

And it is not that the light goes in and becomes some specific teaching that challenges other teachings. For, as I said, that which is expressed in words has its limitations. The entire teaching, given by the ascended masters throughout the ages, has no value in itself, for once it becomes a disconnected teaching that exist only in the form of words, then it is just another teaching, and words that can be argued against indefinitely.

It has value only when people go beyond the teaching and use it as only a tool to attune themselves with the consciousness of the ascended masters and then become the open door.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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