The Christ mind does not judge

Ascend Master Serapis Bey, December 18, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

The essential realization here is this: the Christ consciousness is designed to maintain oneness between the Creator and its creation. So no matter how far a self-aware being with free will has descended into the consciousness of separation, there is still a lifeline, that can go with that being into that low state of consciousness and serve as that lifeline, whereby the being can pull itself back up to the oneness of the Body of God. There is no division in the Christ consciousness, as human beings create division based on the consciousness of separation.

We who are the ascended masters have attained the Christ consciousness. We see the oneness of all life. We see the reality that “Without him was not anything made that was made.” And thus, every form is simply the one Ma-ter light that has taken on that particular form. But when you see beyond the form, you see the Ma-ter light and you see that the Ma-ter light is an extension of the Creator’s Being, as everything is an extension of the Creator’s Being—for there is nothing else out of which to create.

And thus, when I look at humankind, I do not divide them into those who are good and those who are bad. I do not even divide into those who are pure and those who are impure. I do not impose any value judgment. I do not even need to evaluate based on the analytical mind, for the Christ mind is not the analytical, linear mind, that most human beings know as the only form of mind. The Christ mind is a higher mind, that does not see through the filter of duality, and therefore sees the reality that all Life is one.

Certainly, the Christ mind can indeed be direct, can indeed challenge the scribes and the Pharisees, can indeed call a spade a spade, or call someone for the “sons of the devil” in order to shake them out of their mental box. But what most human beings have not understood – and what even most ascended master students have not understood, and often will not understand – is that the Christ mind does not judge based on human, dualistic, value-laden judgment. For as Jesus said, “If I judge, I judge righteous judgment.” Righteous judgment is not even judgment as human beings see it from duality. Righteous judgment does not divide self-aware beings into those who are good or bad, those who can be helped or those who cannot.

The energy of the accuser interrupts the ascension spiral

If you are willing to see truth, then listen to the words, but listen beyond the words. Life is an ongoing process. Nothing is static. Nothing can stand still. You are either moving upwards in the ascension spiral or you are spiraling downwards in a negative spiral. There is no standing still.

Take note of the teachings given yesterday by Astrea, of the energy of the accuser of the brethren and how it was this energy, that started the original downward spiral in a higher realm. Those of you who have studied the Kabala will know, that there is a teaching that the judgment started when a group of fallen beings wanted to be the judgment without having the judgment tempered by mercy.

Well, mercy is not the highest understanding; neither is judgment, for both words have become too colored by the duality consciousness. Mercy is not mercy but realism—the reality of seeing that there is no impurity – no matter what level of vibration it is at – that cannot be raised back into purity. For no matter how impure a manifestation or form might seem, it is still the Ma-ter Light that has taken on that form—and the Ma-ter Light can always be raised back to its original purity, shaking off all imperfect images.

When you have this sense of realism, it is not possible to divide human beings or any form of self-aware beings into those who are good, those who are bad, those who are within hope, those who are beyond hope, those who can be saved, and those who cannot be saved. One cannot think that way with the Christ consciousness. One cannot think that way with the ascended consciousness. It is not possible. For if one thinks that way, one will not enter the ascension spiral. One will stay in a negative spiral created by the original fallen beings, who used exactly this kind of mindset to project their accusations upon the innocent, accusing them of having done this or that wrong and therefore being so bad, that they did not deserve to ascend as the rest of their sphere was ascending.

The essence of the accusatory energy is precisely this—the division into those who are worthy, those who are not worthy, the accusation that you – or you, or you – are not worthy. You are not worthy to face your God. You are not worthy to face your spiritual teacher or to go back to your spiritual teacher after you have eaten the forbidden fruit. And when a lifestream comes to believe in this unworthiness, then it falls into the downward spiral. And then it becomes susceptible to the epic dramas, which say that if you do this or that outer thing – if you belong to this or that outer organization – then you will automatically become worthy without having to look at the beam in your own eye. The beam being the decision that caused you to believe in the accusation, that you are not worthy because you did not live up to this or that condition defined by the duality consciousness.

Do you see what I am saying here? The false accusation is that is order to be worthy to face your God, to ascend, you have to live up to certain conditions defined by the duality consciousness. And when you believe this, you think that in order to fulfill those conditions, you must participate in some epic drama and bring about this or that change on earth, whereby you will automatically fulfill the conditions for your salvation or ascension.

And what is the epic drama in which you must participate? Well, it is one that is based on the idea, that there is a division between those who are saved and those who are not saved, based on dualistic conditions. And therefore, if you can then raise up your religion as the only one or condemn or judge these other people or kill them all, well, then you will fulfill the condition for salvation, and you will be among those who are saved based on outer conditions.
Ah, it cannot be done. It cannot be done. It cannot be done.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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