The Christ consciousness is universal

Ascended Master Jesus, December 31, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

What is truly the goal of Christ? Well, you must again distinguish. I, Jesus, came to earth to represent Christ, both the universal aspect of the universal Christ consciousness, but also a specific flame among the many God flames. That is why I say that I came to personally represent the flame of joy. Yet beyond this, I also came to represent the universal Christ consciousness, which of course has many other expressions, such as love, beauty, purity, freedom, wholeness and all of the other God qualities. Yet even beyond all of these qualities, the universal Christ consciousness has one quality, and that is oneness.

As the Gospel of John said: in the beginning was the Christ consciousness. And the Christ consciousness was with God, and the Christ consciousness was God, and without the Christ consciousness was not any thing made that was made. For indeed, God saw that by giving self-aware extensions of itself free will, it was possible that some would go away from the basic oneness of all life. Would lose their sense of oneness with their source, would lose their sense of oneness with each other, and therefore get into various conflicts.

And thus, God saw, the Creator saw, the necessity to create everything out of this basic, universal state of consciousness that is oneness, oneness between Creator and creation, oneness between the differentiated expressions of the Creator. So that, no matter how far into duality and separation a self-aware being might descend, that being could never go to a place where Christ is not found. For without Christ, no thing can be made. And so, there is always a way out. There is always a way up. There is always a way to move from separation towards oneness. And that is the universal – not even flame – but the universal awareness of Christ.

Oneness between Creator and creation. Oneness between the differentiated expressions of the one undifferentiated Creator. This is truly the flame, the consciousness, the awareness, the beingness of Christ. And thus, even beyond joy, that is my personal expression of Christ, any expression of Christ must have as its foundation oneness, the desire for oneness. The desire to seek oneness, first with something above yourself, with an ascended being, with your higher being, your I AM Presence. So that, when you attain oneness with the I AM aspect of the Presence, you become the I Will Be aspect of the Presence in action. Just as I was when I said, first: “I and my father are one” and then: “My father worketh hitherto and I work.”

So you see, oneness is the underlying reality of Christ. And thus, you can see, even from the discussion you had before giving the rosary, that there are so many things in the world that seek to pull you into the state of consciousness, where there seems to be two polarities. And there must be tension, there must be conflict, there must be confrontation, there must be a struggle between them, until one of the two polarities is established as the superior one.

Yet, it is perfectly true that we desire the spiritual people to be engaged in all areas of society, even the area of politics, which tends to be more polarized than any other. But of course, we desire the spiritual people to be representatives of Christ, the element of oneness, that does not seek to create oneness by having one polarity beat the other polarity into submission, and by having one group of people beat another group of people into submission. But that instead seeks to promote true oneness, where people transcend the very consciousness that causes them to be polarized towards this or that extreme.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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