The choice you do not have without Christ

Ascended Master Jesus through Kim Michaels

For those who have ears to hear

Why does the Living Christ come to earth? To give people a real choice, a choice they do not have until they encounter the Living Christ—as opposed to a man-made image of Christ.

What is the choice that the Living Christ represents? It is the choice to accept or reject Christ. If you think this is a matter of Life or death, you are correct.

Many contemporary Christians uncritically assume that my early disciples and students took the same approach to religion as they themselves are taking today. Perhaps one could find a more grave error of judgment, but I cannot think of one at the moment.

Who were my early disciples and students? They were people willing to think outside the mental box of the dominant religion of their day. Who are my true students today? They are people willing to think outside the mental box of the dominant religion of today—which happens to call itself Christianity.

So many of today’s Christians take for granted the outer religion with its cathedrals, scriptures, priesthood, elaborate rituals and the appearance of authority. They think it was always so and that my early students followed the same outer religion as they follow. Yet when I walked the earth, there was no outer religion, but only one person with no obvious claim to authority. My early students followed me exclusively based on an inner recognition. They knew intuitively that my Presence and words resonated with something in their hearts, and thus their hearts burned within them. Would that all who call themselves Christians would seek this direct encounter with the Living Christ inside themselves.

Many Christians believe I came to earth in order to start an outer religion, namely the one they are following today. Yet who was it that had me tortured and killed? It was the priesthood of the dominant religion of the day—a religion so rigid that it could not embrace the change I came to bring. Thus, why would I come to start a religion as rigid as the one whose leaders had me killed?

They say history repeats itself. If that were universally true, humankind would be destined to self-destruct. I came to earth to demonstrate that history does not have to repeat itself, for all self-aware beings have the potential to transcend their past. Thus, I came to start a spiritual movement that would transcend the rigidity of all past religions.

Unfortunately, it did not take long before an organized Christian church started to form. The leaders of this organization did not understand the nature of my mission. Thus, history has indeed repeated itself in the Christian religion becoming as rigid and authoritarian as the one whose priesthood rejected me. I am come again to show those who have ears to hear how to break that pattern.

Am I hereby saying that the Christian religion is not the kind of spiritual movement I came to start?


My early students did not call themselves Christians. They saw themselves as “Followers of the Way,” the Way that I AM.

Thus, my intent for releasing this book is to give people a choice. Will you follow the outer religion of Christianity or will you follow the inner way of the Living Christ.

If you choose to follow the outer religion, read no further. Nothing I can say today will be acceptable to those who believe the lie that I, the Living Jesus Christ, stopped talking to humankind 2,000 years ago.

I am with you always. Which part of “always” don’t you understand?

If you would follow the inner way, proceed with alertness as the Way is not obvious. If it was, surely many more people would have discovered it between the lines of the outer scriptures over these past 20 centuries.

Consider why I so often – as I walked the earth so long ago – talked about those who have “ears to hear?” Is it not obvious that at the time many people did not have “ears” to hear my inner message? Even today many people do not have ears to hear the true message, the Living Word, of Christ. Unfortunately, most Christians have closed their minds and hearts to my Living Presence.

Consider the status of your own inner hearing, for it is not the outer words that are most important. What really matters is whether you can hear what I – the Living Christ – tell you in your heart as you read the words and allow them to trigger the inner encounter with my Living Spirit.

Consider why so many of the statements I made 2,000 years ago seem like riddles with a hidden inner meaning. If interpreted literally, they will not yield their inner secrets. If approached with an open mind and heart, my Spirit will reveal to you all things which I have said unto you (quote).

As an example of one of my riddles, take the following statement: eye pluck out. Do you seriously think I wanted people to take this statement literally? If you do, then why are there no more one-eyed Christians?

What I give in this book is a collection of riddles or koans. They are designed to bypass the outer, linear, analytical mind that many modern people have elevated to the status of an all-knowing god. They are designed to open your mind and heart, so you can have a direct inner encounter with my Living Spirit. Reject me not by preferring a graven image as a substitute for my Living Presence.



Copyright © 2010 Kim Michaels