The Catholic Church upholds poverty

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 14, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Many religions on this earth have been elitist in nature and in practice. They have brought forth an elitist doctrine, that has maintained a status quo that allowed a small elite to have an ungodly control over the majority of the population, thereby being able to have privileges for themselves – such as great wealth – because they took the wealth and the abundance from the people, keeping the people at an artificial level of poverty.

This is no more clearly demonstrated in recent history than by the Catholic Church during the Middle Ages, where I must tell you – as we already said in England – that without the Catholic Church and its doctrines, the feudal system would not have spread in Europe, would not have been able to survive for as long as it did. It was the Catholic doctrines which were a total perversion of Jesus’ true teachings, where he said “Inasmuch as you have done it unto the least of these, my little ones, you have done it unto me.” And had the Catholic Church been faithful to that teaching, it would not have supported the elitist system. But because it perverted the teachings of Christ in many ways, it did indeed support an elitist system, that allowed the feudal lords and the kings to remain in control of the population, keeping the population as virtual slaves for centuries.

What was the core of the Catholic doctrines that supported poverty? It was that certain conditions on earth were the result of the will of God, including the condition that a small elite would rule, even that a small elite of clergy and the Pope were controlling whether the people could have their sins remitted and enter the Kingdom of heaven. Again, a total perversion of the teachings of Christ who said, “The Kingdom of God is within you,” meaning that you do not need an institution and its clergy in order to enter that inner kingdom.

How could the Pope take you by the hand and lead you to the kingdom that is within YOU? This, of course, is ridiculous. But it was not ridiculous to the people of the Middle Ages who had grown up being indoctrinated and programmed, that this was the absolute truth and that they would go to hell if they dared question the authority of the Pope and the Catholic Church and its doctrines. What was it that set the condition for the physical manifestation of poverty? Well it was the spiritual poverty, that was brought on by the Catholic Church perverting the teachings of Christ!

You might look to South America, where the Catholic Church is still strong in many nations, and realize that for poverty to be overcome in South America, well then the people must dare to question the Catholic Church and its doctrines, especially those which are out of alignment with the true teachings of Christ. And why do you think it is important for us to get the translation of The Christ is Born in You out to the people? Well, this is precisely why. For otherwise how shall they learn that there is a difference between the true teachings of Christ and the outer doctrines of the Catholic Church?

Throughout the Dark Ages, going into the modern age, there has been this subtle programming by the forces of anti-christ – even using the religion that claims to represent Christ on earth – to hammer into the collective consciousness that poverty is the will of God, that it is the will of God that some people are more powerful and more rich than others, and that the majority of the population should simply accept their lot and not try to rock the boat, and not try to demand something.

Because after all, what is the will of God—according to the Catholic Church? Well, it is that all people ascend to heaven after this lifetime, and so people have been programmed to not look at the now, and not look at the situation on earth and say, “This is not right! This is not acceptable. We want change!” No, they have been programmed to be passive about conditions on earth and say, “Oh we will just be good Christians, and not rock the boat so that we can be resurrected and be raised to heaven after we leave this physical octave.”

Can you see, that this is a very subtle and very effective way to pacify the people, so that they will not work for changes in the physical octave? Because they believe that they just need to be good Christians and wait for the changes in the next world. And thereby, they leave this world to the forces of anti-christ who have set themselves up to be the undisputed rulers of this world. And can you see, that as long as that programming is allowed to continue unquestioned, well, then there cannot be a dramatic shift in the collective consciousness?

It has been the goal of the forces of anti-christ to use a perversion of the teachings of Christ to deprive the people of their will, their willpower to stand up and say, “Enough is enough! We demand that this planet earth should be an outpicturing of the truth of God, so that the Kingdom of God can be manifest here below as it is already manifest above. And we demand that this society of ours be an outpicturing of the true teachings of Christ, who said ‘I am come that all might have life and that they may have it more abundantly.'” So, you see that religion is the one factor, the perversion of the Father aspect, that has programmed the people to sap their will, to take away their willpower, so they will not stand up to the elite and demand that poverty be eradicated.


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