The Catholic Church must change or die

Ascended Master Mother Mary, April 2, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

You see, planet earth has turned a corner. Time and spiritual cycles have moved on, and if you will be honest with yourself, you will know, somewhere deep in your being, that time has moved on, that cycles have changed, that things cannot remain the same—not even in the Catholic Church.

You should know that I, Mary, would like to see this Church change with the times and become a living, vibrant Church that can meet the spiritual needs of many seekers in this age. Yet the Church cannot and will not change unless a critical mass of Catholics decide that they will no longer remain blindly loyal to the outer Church and the outer doctrines. Instead, they will raise their loyalty to a higher level, and they will seek the truth of Christ and be loyal to that truth and that truth only.

And this then is the movement that must come from below, because if you are willing to look at history, you will see that revolutionary change has rarely, if ever, been brought from above. It has only come about through a pressure from below that eventually made those in leadership positions realize that they either had to change or lose their positions.

And thus, you will see that even the Catholic Church has a hierarchy that is dedicated to the preservation of the outer Church and their own positions in that Church. They are truly in the same position as those in the Jewish religion who felt threatened by Jesus, when he brought a truth that was higher than the outer doctrine of the old religion. And thus, the question is simple. You know from the scriptures that 2,000 years ago the leaders of the Jewish religion chose to kill the living Christ rather than to accept him as the Savior and the Messiah. The question today is whether the leadership of the Catholic Church will be willing to accept the living Christ or whether they will attempt to kill him and his true teachings given in this age.

And that living Christ is not only the Christ of Jesus speaking through the same messenger that I am using to bring this message. It is truly the living Christ within many people around the world, including many people who are working within the Catholic Church and who are seeking to reform it because they know it must either be reformed or it will die.


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