The Catholic Church is “pacifying religion”

Ascended Master Jesus, May 20, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God and the WORD was God. My Beloved hearts, what is the WORD? Well, it is ultimately the Christ consciousness. But on earth, in the material realm, it has another meaning as well. And that is that it is through the WORD that people impress their mental images upon the Mother Light. And thus, it is through the WORD that they co-create. So therefore, the WORD means the beliefs, the images, the world view that you hold in your four lower bodies and that you use in order to co-create your reality in the physical realm.

For it is through your four lower bodies – it is through the beliefs and images that you hold in those bodies – that you impress upon the Mother Light what you want to outpicture. Or perhaps what you do not consciously want to outpicture, but nevertheless the Mother Light forms a mirror and therefore will outpicture whatever you send out. I explained this 2,000 years ago, when I told people to do unto others as they would have others do unto themselves. The meaning being that what you do unto others will be what the Mother Light and the cosmic mirror thinks that you want the universe to reflect back to you in the form of physical conditions.

How the Catholic Church distorted the WORD

When I came as Jesus, I came to restore the WORD to Israel and to the world. For they had lost the true understanding of the WORD and they had lost it precisely because they had become victims of the plots of those who are the fallen beings, who have entered the serpentine consciousness and who have sought to control humankind, as Maitreya explains in his book.  And the primary means for this control is to pacify the people, so that they do not believe they have access to the Living Word inside themselves. And therefore, their entire world view – their entire belief system, their entire concept of themselves, of God, of life – is determined by outer teachings—be it a religious teaching or a political ideology or a scientific mindset and world view.

I came to restore the Living Word to Israel. But most people were not ready for it. And as Christianity began to spread throughout Europe, then certainly the fallen beings saw that this would spell their doom—unless they did something to stop the spreading of the Living Word and the understanding of the Living Word. What did they do? Well, when it became apparent to them that they could not stop the spread of Christianity – although it was not Christianity as you see it today – that they could not stop the spread of the early Christian movement, well they did what they have always done—if you can’t beat them, join them!

They joined the Christian movement, and, through the help of one of their primary henchmen, Constantine, they turned it into an official religion that very quickly became as rigid and closed as the religion that persecuted and killed me when I walked this earth in a physical body.

Dating back to the “conversion” of Constantine, western civilization was set on a specific track, that first was dominated by the Catholic Church—that for many years had a grip on the WORD in Europe. Do you see my beloved? The Catholic Church ruled the population in Europe by controlling the WORD, controlling access to the WORD. They had set themselves up in a position, where they had the physical power to suppress or kill or ban as a heretic anyone who dared to speak the Living Word. And they had defined a doctrine that completely shut out the Living Word, having instead turned it into a dead outer scripture. But not even the outer scripture, for the Catholic Church did not want people to read the scriptures themselves. They only wanted them to have an interpretation that was in accordance with Church doctrine.

Even though the scriptures that were written down are no longer, strictly speaking, the Living Word, there is still so many clues in the scriptures that people who read them can connect to the Living Word—if they are willing to go beyond the letter of the outer teaching. So it was indeed a travesty that people were prevented from reading the scriptures.

How pacifying religion serves the elite

You now see that what the Catholic Church represents in Europe is precisely what I call “pacifying religion.” A religion that seeks to pacify people by promoting the belief that the people are as nothing and cannot save themselves. They need an external savior and they need an external institution and its priesthood in order to be saved. In the Catholic Church this became the doctrine that you are a sinner by the very fact that you exist—for you were born in sin. By just the mere fact that you have existence on this earth, you are a sinner. And that means that you cannot save yourself but need to be saved by the vicarious atonement, where I do all the work for you, therefore completely pacifying people. Do you see that this does not only pacify people on an individual level, it pacifies them in the entire society, so that the population at large becomes susceptible to the domination by the power elite?

Do you see – in the history of Europe – how the power elite took up positions in the Catholic Church, took up positions in the noble class. And even though you had some rivalry between the two power elites, I can assure you that even the noble class was quite happy with the Church, because they knew that it was because of that pacifying element in the very deepest aspect of life, namely religion, that they were able to control the people and maintain their physical hold over them. So that is indeed why you see the wisdom brought forth in Maitreya’s book, where he says that if we can change the religious debate on this planet, then everything else will begin to fall into place after it.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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