The Catholic Church is a tool for controlling the population

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

The one area of society, where you will find the greatest resistance to this truth is precisely in religion. And in British society, you will find that the greatest resistance to change is precisely in the Church of England. For even though the monarchy is very resistant to change, the Church is even more so. And this is what you see in general in religions throughout history, even the religion of the Jewish people that rejected me as the Messiah.

They knew the Messiah would come, my beloved, but when the Messiah arrived, they would not acknowledge him, for they did not want to change, as I indeed prompted them to change. I prompted them to let their old sense of identity die, so they could be reborn of the Spirit, but they would not. So the question today is: can the Church of England be renewed and become a living breathing organization, that can fulfill the spiritual needs of the British people in the modern world? I leave it as an open question, for I have no firm answer to it, for it is dependent on the free will of the people themselves, of the leaders of the Church and of the top ten percent of the most spiritually aware people.

The Church of England is built on the foundation of the Catholic Church, and the Catholic Church was from its very inception conceived as a system – a closed system, a closed institution – that was not conceived as a tool for teaching the true teachings of Christ, for setting the people free. No my beloved, it was conceived by Constantine as a tool for suppressing and controlling the Roman people. Those who cannot see this have not been willing to take an honest look at the history and the origin of the Catholic Church. They have not been willing to look at the institution of the Catholic Church and compare it to the scriptures that give at least a glimpse of my true teachings. For even if you look at the scriptures that have survived – that have been allowed to be given to the people by the institution of the Church – even if you look at them, you will see that there is a gaping discrepancy between my teachings and the institution of the Catholic Church.

When you look at my teachings, you will see that I preached an entirely different concept of spirituality, of salvation, of the Kingdom of God than what has been taught by the Catholic Church from the very beginning. I preached that the Kingdom of God is within you, meaning that you do not need an external institution in order to be saved, for salvation is an inner individual process, namely the quest for the Holy Grail. The Catholic Church, from the very beginning, perverted that concept by going back to what has been the bane of religion from the very beginning, where religion places itself between people and God, saying “You cannot come to God except by going through the outer institution, the outer system.”

Preach the Living Gospel of Christ

From the very beginning, it has been based on a denial of Christ. Truly, I told my followers to go out into all the World to preach my gospel to all creatures, to turn all people into my disciples. But did that mean that I wanted my disciples to go out into the world and make them members of an outer Church and make them blindly follow the dictates and the doctrines of that Church? Surely, that was not what I meant. I meant to go out and preach the truth that the kingdom is within you and is a quest for a higher state of consciousness. For you too have a Christ potential, as you saw the Christ potential in Jesus.

If that gospel, that living gospel, had been preached to all creatures, if that tradition of the living Word, of the Key of Knowledge – where the Church does not tell people what to believe or burn them at the stake for believing what is beyond Church doctrine, but instead encourages people to seek truth from within, to seek a direct encounter with the Spirit of Truth, instead of telling people to fall down and worship the graven images created by the Church – well, my beloved, if that had been maintained, do you think that Britain and so many other Christian nations would have had a culture, where young people grow up without any sense of purpose, without any sense of meaning?

Surely, the only way to give people a sense of purpose and meaning is to show them, that there is a higher purpose, there is a quest for something better, something beyond in their personal lives and in society. To show people that when they reach for that beyond, when they reach for that Holy Grail, they can find a higher state of consciousness, a state of joy that is beyond happiness and unhappiness, but is the eternal bliss of God. They can find a state of peace, that passes understanding, because it passes the duality of the intellect that must always operate with two opposite polarities. But in the spirit of Truth there are no opposites, and thus the peace of God is unopposed by anything.

If people grow up in a culture with that sense of purpose, do you think they would have a need to numb themselves with alcohol, drugs or other forms of escapism? Surely, they would not. Do you see the almost incomprehensible difference between the culture in which all of you have grown up and the vision of the culture I am outlining, where people grow up knowing they have a purpose, that society has a purpose of not just maintaining status quo, of not just allowing the power elite to suck the light and the lifeblood from the people, but to grow towards more and more abundance, where all people experience the abundant life.

Ah, what a difference this would make, my beloved! And can you not sense – when you look at the scriptures, when you look at the person who walked the earth as the Jesus you know from the scriptures – can you not sense, that this is what I would want for all people on earth? That they knew the true teachings of Christ, and that they knew their identity as Sons and Daughters of God who are here for a purpose, a greater purpose, a grander purpose. And when you see this, can you not realize that you have a right to demand that that vision is what drives your society. You have a right to stand up and say, “This is not right. We cannot continue a culture and a society that is not based on a foundation, that is built on the sand of the ego consciousness, not on the rock of the Christ consciousness”. And thus, do you see that I am reissuing the call to go out into the world, to preach my true gospel to all creatures?

I am not hereby telling you that you need to go out and convert people to a certain religion. Not all people need to accept the AskRealJesus website, to accept that someone can bring forth teachings directly from me. I am asking you to become even more universal and realize that you have a right to state the truth that you know in your hearts. Not in the sense that you go into a dualistic argument with people, but that you have a right to express that there is something more, there is something that is real, that is true in a higher sense than the human ability to make everything relative, and to discuss everything as just another argument.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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