The Buddha brought a new idea

Ascended Master Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 15, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

The teachings given by the Buddha 2,500 years ago were an example of a new idea. The Buddha grew up in a society where the Hindu religion was dominating everything and was as closed, and as rigid and as bound by rules as what you have seen in the Eastern Orthodox Church and in the Catholic Church. The Brahmins of the Hindu religion were closed to any new ideas. The Buddha had a period when he confronted them. It is not well recorded, but he did go through it. He addressed their shortcomings, but then after he attained Buddhahood, he decided to leapfrog the entire discussion with the Hindu Brahmins and brought forth an entirely new system.

This, of course, has happened many times. I, as Francis Bacon, was somewhat instrumental in bringing forth a new approach to science. As Shakespeare I was instrumental, along with others who wrote some of the Shakespearean plays, including this messenger, in bringing forth an entirely new set of ideas and an entirely new approach. Many others could be mentioned. It can be music. It can be in practical aspects of science and technology. Take Einstein’s ideas that suddenly revolutionized the way people looked at the world. Take Quantum Physics. Take many other ideas that were not a reaction against, but an entirely new level.

When you come to the 96th level of consciousness and have gone through the Seven Rays, you come to a point where you have a certain level of co-creative freedom because you know the Seven Rays and you know how to express them. Yet, this is not the highest level of creative freedom for you reach that only when you near the 144th level and manifest the Buddhahood that truly is the ultimate creative freedom.


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