The birth of monotheism

Ascended Master Maraytaii, June 26, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

This is why they formed a secret band, that plotted the destruction of the true religion, of the true identity of God. And thus, they managed to turn some of the very priests that had taken vows to uphold the religion of the Motherland, they managed to deceive them into actually believing, that the religion of the Mother was inferior to the religion of the Father, the so-called monotheistic God, the remote God in the sky. Some of these very priests that had received, not the highest, but certain higher initiations in the religion of the Mother, were actually deceived into believing in the inferiority of the religion of the Mother and the superiority of the religion of the Father, that was actually created by the fallen beings and did not descend from God and was never meant to become an important religion on this earth.

After the physical murder of the last representative of the Divine Mother, after the physical destruction of the Temple, well then they managed to raise up an idol in the holy place – where the Temple had been – the idol of a new God, of a new religion, of the one supposedly superior God, the masculine God that was the only true God. And therefore, the people of the Motherland should ignore the God of the Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Divine Mother. What I am actually telling you here, is the shocking – to some – truth, that the monotheistic religions are NOT a creation of God. They are not worshiping the one supreme God that they claim to be worshiping. For the one supreme God is the infinite God, the one God, the Creator, who is beyond the world of form, and therefore has absolutely no need to be worshiped by any self-aware being.

For that God has created all self-aware beings out of its own being, as extensions of itself. And why would this all-powerful, almighty God need to be worshiped by itself? My Beloved, it makes no sense! When you think about it with the heart, when you feel the heart fire burning, you recognize the absolute truth that God – the Father aspect of God – has no desire to be worshiped by human beings, but desires to see human beings recognize who they are, as extensions of itself. Therefore, they acknowledge the fact, that they are co-creators with their God, that they are here to co-create the kingdom of God on earth—instead of spending all their time and energy and actions on preparing for some heaven, that comes after you are no longer in embodiment on earth.

The remote paradise in the sky

When they created the false religion of the remote God in the sky, they simultaneously had to create the illusion of a remote heaven in the sky, of a remote paradise. They also came up with the myth of the paradise lost, the paradise that could never be regained on earth but could only be attained after you are no longer here. They created the possibility, that even if a few people dared to claim their Christhood, at least to some degree, well even they would long for the remote heaven in the sky. And they would believe, as many people have believed, that the goal of life is to qualify for your ascension and get out of here as quickly as possible. Whereas the goal of life has always been to manifest the Kingdom of God here on earth. Which is why Jesus came with the message that “The kingdom of God is at hand!”

What happened after the destruction of the religion of the Mother was, that the majority of humankind, the majority of the people, were seduced by the monotheistic religions. Even those who had many gods were seduced by the concept of God as the remote being in the sky, that certainly could not manifest within themselves and express itself through themselves. So you have this long history of humankind becoming more and more unbalanced in the masculine aspect of God, in creating a false image of what actually is the false masculine and not the true God.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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