The Battle of Armageddon

Ascended Master Elohim Astrea, December 17, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Now again, 2,000 years ago people had a much more limited world view than you have today. They thought the earth was, really, the entirety of the material universe and that just beyond the sky – which they saw as a dome above the flat earth – was heaven. They could not conceive the vastness of the physical universe, and thus naturally they thought that the earth was the center, the entirety of the world. And thus, of course, if some beings were cast out what they saw as heaven, those beings had to be cast down to earth, meaning that the battle of Armageddon in its entirety was taking place here on earth, and that the earth is the battleground that will decide the fate of the universe.

This, of course, has been taken by many fundamentalist Christians, who take the Bible literally, so they also have the inflated belief, that the earth is the center of the battle of Armageddon, and that the fate of the entire universe is determined by what happens on this little planet. This of course, is vastly inaccurate, it is a view that can be held only by some of those who are in the fallen consciousness, where they want to think that they are so important, that they can determine the fate of the universe and therefore even challenge God. Or even that they can correct the flaw in God’s design by forcing people to ascend.

Yet the reality is, of course, that earth is a very small planet in a very large universe. And as you will know, the gravitational force of earth pulls on the entire universe, but certainly does not have the power to pull the entire universe up or down. So, you should be able to see, that the spiritual force generated by the lifestreams on this earth certainly cannot pull the entire universe up or down. But what the earth can do is serve as a testing ground, as a proving ground, for whether it is possible for the ascended masters to be instrumental in empowering a sufficient number among the top ten percent, to pull the earth into an ascending spiral, to pull it out of the descending, downward spiral created by the number of fallen beings, that have been allowed to embody here over the ages.

And thus, indeed, some among the fallen beings have been cast down to the earth, and they have great wrath. Not only do they know they have a short time, but they also feel a great urgency to continue on the very same track, that was instituted several spheres above yours—that of seeking to get lifestreams to enter a downward spiral by accusing them of anything that these fallen beings can think of, anything at all. There is no limit to what the fallen consciousness can come up with in terms of accusing the innocent. For the fallen consciousness, as Jesus said of the devil, has no truth in it, and thus anything goes, the end can justify the means.

You see, for a person who is trapped in the fallen consciousness, it is no longer a matter of what is right and wrong, what is true and false. It is not even a matter of what is logical or what is consistent. Such a being has no compunctions about saying something today, that contradicted what it said yesterday, because the aim is not to be consistent, to be truthful, to be logical. The aim is to accuse others by inducing doubt in their beings, by overwhelming them with this accusatory energy, that has now been built up through several spheres and has therefore formed a downward spiral, a black hole, of very high intensity. And although there is only a certain, smaller black hole associated with the earth, it is nevertheless so intense, that it is extremely difficult for human beings to withstand it, to withstand the attack of this accusatory energy, without reacting to it—just like the lifestreams in that higher sphere, by trying to push back the accusation or the accusatory energy or by trying to defend yourself by destroying the argument or the accuser.

The central dynamic on earth

Do you see this dynamic? It is the central, underlying dynamic, that will determine whether the earth will indeed be pulled out of a negative spiral and enter into an ascending spiral, that will raise it above these accusatory energies, to where the inhabitants of the earth will raise their consciousness to the point, where the accusers of the brethren will be cast down from the earth. And they must then descend to an even lower place, where they can continue to accuse those around them—or even resort to accusing each other, for they simply cannot stop. They are so overpowered by this downward spiral, that if they have no innocents to accuse, they will indeed accuse each other, which is precisely the safety mechanism that makes it impossible for them to form a coherent power elite, that could control the entirety of planet earth.

For you see, the Karmic Board is not made up of unintelligent beings. In allowing a certain fallen lifestream to embody on a planet like earth, there is a very simple formula. The momentum of the fallen lifestream cannot be beyond a certain limit, that is related to the size of the earth, to the number of lifestreams embodying here and to the level of their consciousness. In other words, one fallen lifestream must not be able to pull the earth down by itself. It can do so only in cooperation with others, and given that these fallen lifestreams are in the accusatory consciousness, it is virtually impossible for them to fully cooperate to the point, where they can take over the earth and control society. They will always have warring factions – an established power elite, one or more aspiring power elites – and thus, they are not only accusing the innocent, but also accusing each other and thus dividing their strength and their power.

My point is simply this: we are at a crossroads. We have entered the countdown to the year 2012, as Gautama Buddha explained at New Years. We are nearing the end of the first year of that cycle, the year of the Father. And so, those who are the top ten percent of the lifestreams on this planet are now facing the initiation, where they are ready to ascend into a higher understanding and application of the correct use of the expanding force of the Father. In fact, an ascension spiral has been formed.

The question is: will you enter that ascending spiral, will you reinforce that ascending spiral, will you stay in it? Or will you be tempted to leave it in order to fight some battle with the accuser of our brethren, who are accusing you before your God day and night by accusing you of this, that or the next thing? Will you recognize this energy? Will you recognize it in yourself? Will you be honest and look at yourself and look at your life and say; “Do I have a tendency to accuse others? Have I been in these negative spirals? Can I honestly say, that I have never in my life entered a negative spiral? Am I in a negative spiral right now? Am I focused on changing other people, accusing them, because of the splinters I see in their eyes, while I have not been willing to look at the beam in my own eye?” Thus you must ask yourself: “Have I made myself an instrument for the energy that accuses the brethren?”

Or you must look at yourself and say; “Have I been tempted into defending myself against accusations? Can I look at my life and see, that I have a pattern of feeling unjustly accused and thus go into a spiral of defending and justifying myself, whether I do this openly to other people or whether I do it inside my own head, having a martyr complex, where I feel that I have been unjustly condemned, but I dream that one day, one day, I will be elevated and the world will see that I was unjustly condemned. Or that I had this talent that no one ever saw, even though I had never expressed it, for I felt that I could not express my talents; I could not shine my light because of this or that impure or unjust condition in the world. Or because I thought that I would be accused by shining my light, or that I would scare other people or overwhelm them or that it would be too much.”

Do you see how you don’t even have to be accused, in order to have taken on this energy in past lives? So that you have such a momentum on this, that you are either accusing yourself, putting yourself down, or you are anticipating how the force of the accuser of the brethren will accuse you, if you take any stand for truth or stand out from the crowd. Do you see how many subtle games there are, that have sprung from this consciousness of accusing and defending, accusing and accusing back, feeling unjustly condemned, seeking to justify yourself, waiting for the point where you are finally recognized as being just or having a talent, always waiting for something outside yourself, instead of simply daring to step forward and be the open door for the Word?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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