The alchemy of the Spirit

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

In a previous discourse Jesus has explained that there are four levels of the material world, namely the etheric realm, the thought realm, the feeling realm and the material realm. In order to produce a change in the material realm, you need to start in the etheric realm and then allow the energies to filter through the thought and feeling realms until they reach the material realm.

To successfully manifest the kingdom of God in your personal life, you need to start by changing your sense of identity. You need to stop seeing yourself as a mortal human being, as a miserable sinner or as a person who has made such mistakes that you could never be redeemed. You need to accept that you are a son or daughter of God, that you are a co-creator and that your mind has the power to replace all imperfect images, or an imperfect sense of identity, with the higher images of the Christ mind.

Once your sense of identity begins to change, your thoughts will inevitably follow suit and begin to change also. They will become purer, and you will no longer think in terms of limitations and what cannot be done. You will not think that imperfection is permanent. You will begin to realize and fully accept the truth in the statement made by Jesus that with God all things are possible. This will change your approach to life from being focused on what cannot happen to having a can-do spirit that empowers you to see new possibilities around every corner.

As your thoughts begin to change, it is inevitable that your emotions will also take on a new direction. Your emotional body will be less influenced by negative emotions, such as fear or blame. Instead, you will feel the flow, the natural flow, of energy through your emotional body, and you will begin to feel the joy and the love that is the true driving force behind all life.

As your sense of identity, your thoughts and your feelings are purified, it is inevitable that your outer actions will change also. Yet beyond that, you will see that after a time your outer circumstances will also change. This change would have seemed impossible with your old state of consciousness, but with your new frame of mind it seems so natural and effortless.

My Beloved hearts, this is the true alchemy of the spirit. It is indeed regrettable that so many people in today’s world ridicule the ancient alchemists. There were many charlatans in the field, but certainly no more charlatans than you currently find in the field of science and religion. Yet there were also many true alchemists for whom changing base metals into gold was not the real goal. Their goal was the alchemy of changing the human consciousness, the lead of carnal mind, into the gold of the Christ consciousness. The reason being that the true alchemists realized that the Christ consciousness has the power to change the composition of matter itself, as Jesus clearly demonstrated when he turned the water into wine.

The philosopher’s stone so eagerly sought by the alchemists is indeed the Christ consciousness. It is the Christ consciousness that will bring God’s kingdom to earth, and only the Christ consciousness has the power to do this. Yet as both Jesus and I have explained in great detail, it is not enough that one Christed being walks the earth. For God’s kingdom to be fully physically manifest on this planet, there must be a critical mass of people who have manifested their individual Christhood. The number of Christed beings needed to fully bring in the kingdom of God is, as Jesus has already explained, 10,000. As Jesus has also explained, there are currently 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to manifest that Christhood very quickly.

Yet once again we face the obstacle that those people need to be awakened to their potential for Christhood, and they need to accept their Christhood. Jesus has also explained that there are millions of other people who have the potential to manifest a high degree of Christhood. If all of these people were awakened and started to accept a higher vision of God’s kingdom, and started to accept the real possibility of manifesting that kingdom on earth, then things would begin to change very quickly and very dramatically—for the better.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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