Take Jesus down from the pedestal

Jesus, December 25, 2005.

Oh can you not see that it is not my desire that so many people should look at my life and say “Oh well, Jesus was so special, is it any wonder that God gave him the Kingdom and invited him into his Kingdom? But I am just a miserable sinner here on earth and surely I cannot enter.” My Beloved, this is a burden to my heart, and if you love me, and if you would help me lighten that burden, then you will overcome that belief in your own being.

You will banish it from your being and replace it with the reality of the oneness of all life. And then you will go out and share that realization and that experience of the unconditional love of God with all whom you meet. For truly, only when you share with others, when you seek to raise up others, will your own growth and your own joy be full.
Every aspect of my life was a teaching designed to help all people overcome the consciousness of separation from God and help them come closer to oneness with God. Yet so few of those who call themselves Christians have understood this one teaching. If you imagine that my entire life was a book, it is as if they are holding the book in their hands but instead of reading the contents of the book, they look only at the cover, at my entry into this world. And then they turn the book over and look at the back cover, my exit from this world. It is as if they think that my birth and my crucifixion were the only two important aspects of my life.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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