Take back the power of vision

Ascended Master Mother Mary, September 29, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

I therefore encourage you to consciously use your power of vision to see that behind all imperfect appearances is the Ma-ter light. You might envision this light as tiny particles or strings that vibrate at very high speed. This is like the subatomic particles or the superstrings that your scientists are currently using to describe the process whereby the unconscious Ma-ter light takes on visible form.

So when you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, whether in your own life, in your physical body, in your society or on the planet as a whole, I encourage you to make a firm decision that you do not accept it as permanent or real. You make a conscious effort to see it as a temporary projection upon the screen of life, and then you see beyond it to the white screen itself, namely the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter light. You then use your attention to see beyond the outer appearance and to see the perfect vision of Christ instead of the outer appearance.

Do you understand what I am saying here? You are alive because you are constantly receiving a stream of spiritual light that flows from your I AM Presence through your mind and is directed by the power of your attention. Whatever you focus your attention upon, you will magnify through the power of the light within you. So if you focus your attention on an imperfect appearance, especially if you accept it as real and permanent, you will actually reinforce that condition.

I encourage you to consciously take back the power of your attention and vision. When you are confronted with an imperfect appearance, I am not asking you to ignore it or even to deny it. I am asking you to acknowledge that it does exist, but you also acknowledge that it is not ultimately real and it is not permanent. Therefore, you do not accept it as permanent, and instead you look beyond it and see the vibrating Ma-ter light behind the outer appearance. You then fix your attention upon a more perfect vision, the most perfect vision you can imagine, and you affirm that vision as real and permanent.

What is the perfect vision of Christ? Because so many of you have been brought up with imperfect images, I encourage you to ask your Christ self to hold the perfect vision for a particular situation or condition. For many of you it is currently impossible to imagine the perfect vision of Christ in some of the situations you encounter on a daily basis. Yet your Christ self can hold that vision for you, if you will but ask. And if you keep asking with an open mind, your Christ self will gradually lower that perfect vision into your conscious mind.

I am asking you to be wise as a serpent and acknowledge that there are currently many imperfect appearances on planet earth. Yet I am also asking you to be harmless as a dove by consciously acknowledging that they are not real or permanent. You therefore see beyond them and allow the light of God to stream through your attention and superimpose the perfect vision of Christ upon the imperfect condition.

Do you see that this is how Jesus healed the withered hand and performed his other so-called miracles? When people saw the man with the withered hand, they immediately accepted the condition as real and they thought it was permanent. Jesus did not accept this illusion. He saw beyond the outer appearance and focused his attention of the vibrating particles of the Ma-ter light. He then fixed his inner sight on the vision of a perfect hand, and he consciously, and with the full power of his Christ mind, superimposed that vision upon the particles of the Ma-ter light. He took dominion over these Ma-ter particles and commanded them to outpicture his vision. By letting the light of the Father stream through his mind, Jesus changed the vibration of the Ma-ter particles, and they now immediately outpictured the perfect vision held in the mind of the embodied Christ.

If you believe on Jesus, you shall indeed do the works that he did. Yet if you believe on the prince of this world and his lie that imperfect appearances are real or permanent, then the prince will have something in you, that will prevent you from being the open door for the light of God to stream through your mind and spiritualize your life and world.

So I encourage you to see your life as a game in which you are constantly confronted with imperfect appearances and tempted by the prince of this world to accept them as real or permanent. And instead of falling for the temptation, you can attune to your Christ self and ask him to give you the perfect vision of Christ to replace the imperfect appearance. Then hold on to that vision – be faithful over a few things – and see how your life and your world will change.

I know that some will think this is a fruitless exercise, and you may use all manner of science to ridicule my suggestion. Yet I can tell you that the imperfect appearances you see all around you were created by the very same process. It was the energy streaming through the minds of human beings, misqualified by the imperfect images held in their minds, that created the imperfections you see on this planet today.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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