Teachings about the Mystical Path from Jesus to Today’s Spiritual Seekers


This website has helped hundreds of thousands of people gain a deeper appreciation for Jesus’ teachings about the mystical path.

This website gives you access to the largest and most profound material on the mystical teachings of Jesus found anywhere on the internet.

If you use a perverted version of my teachings as a justification for closing your mind to my real teachings, you are not one of my modern-day disciples. – Jesus

You will find teachings on what Jesus taught 2,000 years ago, but more importantly you will find teachings on what Jesus teaches today, as a living, spiritual being, an ascended master. If you have ever wondered why Jesus seemingly disappeared 2,000 years ago and has had nothing more to say to humankind, this website will help you reconnect to Jesus and develop a personal, inner relationship with him. 

Introductory article:

What does it mean that Jesus is now an ascended master? Most people have been programmed to reject the idea that Jesus is an ascended master. Why does the prince of this world want you to reject this idea and what do you gain by considering the idea?

There is a very large amount of teachings on this and the affiliated websites. It is a common experience that people feel overwhelmed by the amount of teachings. If you want a more systematic introduction to the mystical teachings of Jesus, we suggest the three books listed below. Together they will give you a comprehensive understanding of why Jesus came to earth. They will also help you disocver the path that Jesus taught back then and still teaches today. The purpose of this path is to take you to the same state of Christ consciousness that Jesus demonstrated.

Jesus was and is an example to follow, and it is a tragedy that mainstream Christianity has turned him into an idol to worship.

Jesus came to give us an example of the higher state of consciousness that all of us can achieve. This reality has been deliberately hidden from people, and ironically this has been done by the very religion that claims to represent Jesus on earth.

Jesus, both back then and today, wants all of us to follow his example and attain the Christ consciousness, so we can do the works that he did.

Right now, there are 10,000 people in embodiment who have the potential to attain full Christhood in this lifetime. There are millions more who can attain a high degree of Christhood in this lifetime.

This website is dedicated to helping you fulfill your potential and claim your Christhood. You will find profound teachings and practical tools to help you achieve this goal.

If this resonates with you, it is because you volunteered to take embodiment at this time in order to give Jesus the victory of seeing a critical mass of people follow his example and take this planet into a golden age. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears. You have found this website because you are ready at inner levels. The question is whether you are willing to recognize this with your conscious mind and make the necessary changes in your life? Only you can answer that question.


Introductory article:

Making peace with Jesus – why it is important




The Mystical Teachings of Jesus 

by Kim Michaels


Today many people cannot find a lasting heart connection to the real Jesus and his teachings because, according to most Christian churches, Jesus no longer talks to us. In reality, Jesus is a spiritual being and he is working to help all people who are able to raise their consciousness and attune to his Presence.


For the past 2,000 years he has maintained a line of communication through those who have been willing to serve as messengers for his Living Word and who have pursued an understanding of his true message instead of settling for official Christian doctrines. On this website, the ascended master Jesus reveals the mystical teachings that he gave to his most advanced disciples. He explains why his true teachings are as relevant today as they were two millennia ago and how you can develop a personal relationship with him-one of the most remarkable spiritual teachers of all time.


Once you admit that mainstream religious traditions have not answered your questions about life, it is truly liberating to read the profound and meaningful answers on this site and in the book: The Mystical Teachings of Jesus. The book presents a concentrated version of the teachings Jesus wants to give to all modern spiritual seekers.


The Mystical Teachings of Jesus is available as printed book and as Kindle ebook.


JesusWalking72Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus 

by Kim Michaels

The teachings in this book have helped hundreds of thousands of people gain a deeper appreciation for the mystical path that Jesus taught to his disciples 2000 years ago, the path towards union with God, a state of mind beyond most people’s highest dreams.

Today many people have trouble discovering the small, easy and practical steps towards a state of consciousness that is beyond human conflicts and pitfalls. In this book the ascended master Jesus describes how to start walking the mystical path that will eventually restore our most natural ability: the direct experience of God within ourselves. This book empowers you to discover your personal path and make steady progress towards peace of mind and an inner, mystical experience of God. Inspiring and profound, this enlightening book contains questions and answers that are easy to read and that help you walk the mystical path of Jesus.

Walking the Mystical Path of Jesus is available as printed book and as Kindle ebook




Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path 

by Kim Michaels

Hundreds of thousands of people have been inspired and uplifted by the profound teachings released in the form of conversations between the ascended master Jesus and Kim Michaels. 

In this book Jesus describes  in a very personal way the more advanced stages of the mystical or spiritual path. Jesus describes through practical examples how our souls get fragmented in different embodiments and how the pieces of the soul get lost when we have experienced deep traumas in this lifetime or during previous lifetimes. The result is that our souls become vulnerable to different soul diseases that reduce our ability to enjoy life fully. Jesus explains how to restore our most natural ability-the ability to communicate with God directly.

He skillfully explains how to make completely free choices in a world that seems to be full of toxic emotions and attitudes: fear, pride and guilt. Jesus explains how to overcome the sharpest tool of the dualistic mind-doubt combined with fear and pride. In an easy to read question and answer form, Jesus guides you to a deeper understanding of how some lifestreams are young and mature, some rebel against God and some seek union with God. He helps you break through the opposition from both outside forces and the inner enemy of the ego. 

Climbing Higher on the Mystical Path is available as printed book and as Kindle ebook.