Stop feeding the problem

Ascended Master Jesus, May 10, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved, as the Buddha has explained, you cannot undo the duality consciousness by the duality consciousness. You cannot solve a problem by thinking you can analyze it and overcome it. You overcome it only by being reborn, so that the problem can no longer touch you. For the problem was created out of a certain state of consciousness, and when you are reborn out of that state of consciousness, then you are above the problem. The problem, then, is no longer being fed by you.

And as more and more people refuse to feed their light into that state of consciousness, it will eventually become as an empty shell. And then, at one point, some Christed being will come along – for now, enough human beings, a critical mass of human beings, have abandoned that state of consciousness – and a Christed being will come along and challenge it openly. And thus, it will collapse and it will cease to have a hold on the minds of the people, for now everyone will wake up, my beloved, and say, “Oh, but it is obvious.”

What is the reality here? It is obvious how the old way of looking at it was a lie. It is now obvious that the earth is round because one being with a certain Christ attainment dared to outfit three ships and sail across the ocean and come back and say, “I have discovered new land, I have proven that the earth is round.” And so, you see many of these people throughout history – who have appeared in some kind of disguise, often with certain human foibles that made it difficult to see them as Christed beings, but yet, they had a certain Christ attainment – and thus they were the instruments for challenging a particular illusion in the mass consciousness.

And by doing this publicly and openly, many people were awakened to see the illusion, my beloved, such as you saw William Wilberforce in England challenge the illusion of slavery and continue to do so for many years until it finally broke through. And now, the people of England look back and say, “But how could it have been such a problem to abandon slavery, when it is so obvious that this is not right?” But you see, it did not seem [that way] until a person with Christ attainment shattered the illusion, overturned the tables of the moneychangers, so that more people could see it with the outer mind and suddenly accept that shift—that seismic shift in consciousness, whereby everything is new, the perspective is new.

Help people see what they cannot see

For the perspective has changed, and you now see what could not be seen before—and it is so obvious, even though before it was impossible for people to see it. This is what you, too, can become, when you go through this in your own beings.

And many of you, my beloved, have indeed come into embodiment – taken on certain diseases of the body – in order to demonstrate that you can rise above it. Do you not see already that there was a point not too long ago where cancer was considered a death sentence and where hardly anyone survived this disease. But now there is a new awareness and many people are accepting that it is possible to survive this disease, my beloved.

And do you not see that this eventually brings about a shift in consciousness, and there will come a point where this shift has reached the level where cancer will be considered as just any other disease that can be cured. Do you know, my beloved, that before the discovery of penicillin, pneumonia was considered a fatal disease and hardly anyone survived it? But, again, a shift occurred in the collective consciousness that brought about the discovery of the cure, and now it is just considered a routine disease that most people survive.

This is the case with any limiting condition, including the limiting conditions of the mind. Including the lies of traditional religion, the lie that you are a sinner and that you need an external savior to save you, for you do not have access to the kingdom of God within you—even though Christ said so, so many years ago.

There are so many of these illusions, my beloved, that need to be challenged. And you should look at yourself and seriously begin to consider whether you volunteered to, as part of your divine plan, to come into embodiment and in some way challenge one of these illusions that are holding people back.

And then, you need to seriously come to the point where you can accept that you are now reborn, and you can now accept that you do have the level of Christhood necessary to challenge a particular illusion. And therefore, you will not stand there hemming and hawing about whether you should speak out about this. Because you will be so infired from within that the words and the actions will simply flow from within. You are not analyzing, “Should I do this, do I have the right to do this, do I have the attainment to do this?” No, you are up and doing.

You are simply putting yourself out there, and you are flowing from the fire, from within your Being—the fire that is always there but that cannot flow until you accept that you are reborn into that higher sense of identity. Where you have the right to go into the temples of the world and overturn those tables of the moneychangers, and tell them to their face that they have no right to occupy that position in the temple. The “temple” being a symbol for the minds of the people and the mind, the collective mind, of the mass consciousness.

They have no right to sit there and hold back the people at that level, and therefore you overturn their tables and challenge them and say, “Get thee behind me Satan, for thou art an offense to me. Thou savorest not the things that be of God, but the things that be of men. But I savor the things that be of God, and thus, I declare that you are not real. And you have no right to be on this planet. For I have a right to state and claim this planet as the kingdom of God.”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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