Speak the true message of Christ

Ascended Master Saint Germain, April 12, 2009 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, I say, we need to raise up those, who will speak the true message of Christ: the message of liberation, the message of freedom. For until you understand the true message of Christ and its universality, you will not be free—and thus you cannot manifest The Golden Age. The message of Christ is truly universal. For so long now it has been identified with a particular religion, that is defined in opposition to other religions, that defines itself as the only true religion and therefore as superior to all others, creating an inevitable conflict with other religions. Who, of course, must reject that claim in order to maintain their own identity and keep their followers.

What Christ came to start was not that kind of religion. It was the universal way to transcend the old. To put off the old man and put on the new man and be reborn in Christ, a new being in Christ. Not the human being, but the spiritual being—who is beyond the body, beyond the material world, but is nevertheless here to express its divine qualities and thereby manifest the Kingdom of God here in the material frequency spectrum. Or rather, it is here to raise up the vibrations of the material frequency spectrum, until it begins to resonate with the Kingdom of God and The Golden Age, that is already manifest in the etheric realm.

Ah, my beloved, the wheels of time may sometimes seem to turn slowly. But in the words of the Buddha, “Time is not.” Yet cycles are real, and you are living at the interface between the old cycle and the new, where the old cycle is dying and the people are ready to embrace the new. You should once in a while take a pause and recognize just how fortunate you are, to be in embodiment at this incredible juncture in the cycles of humankind.

This is why you volunteered to take embodiment at this time. And although you may have experienced hardships in your life – that have caused you to forget this – once in a while, reconnect to that joy, that sense of purpose, that sense of incredible opportunity of seeing what it meant to be in embodiment at this time, feeling that drive from deep within your being. “Yes, I want to be part of this change.” And then embrace it. Embrace the opportunity to be here and to be part of the difference, part of the solution, part of the change, part of the rebirth and the resurrection of the Divine Mother.

So that we can put behind us the “Earth Mother” as a separate entity and instead restore the Divine Mother, who is one with the Divine Father. So you see yourself as an expression of the Divine Mother, because you know you have access to the Divine Father directly within yourself in the form of your higher being. You are, thus, not a separate being who is lost or born in sin, or in other ways limited by the material universe, for you are more and you can transcend. And in order to know the reality of this, you only need to go within and connect to the vibration of your own higher being, and know that this is what is real. And anything down here that does not resonate with that vibration is ultimately unreal, my beloved.

Thus, I dare say, you have had a sermon of the kind that should be preached in all of the institutions that claim to represent Christ. I do not say you need to go out and preach to the people, but I do admonish you to share who you are. Sharing is different from preaching, in the sense that you are not having any intention of how other people should react or respond. You are simply being the sun, my beloved. Let your light shine, do not hide it under a bushel. Let your light shine, for you are ready to shine and the world is ready to be shined upon.

Thus, my gratitude and the gratitude of all of us for raising up a platform, whereby we can manifest our Beings in a new way, in a more intense way through all of you. For our Beings are one with your higher beings. You are extensions of ourselves. We are not separate from you, my beloved. We are all one. We are all ONE.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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