Science’s role in upholding poverty

Ascended Master Saint Germain, December 14, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

Now then, as there is always two sides to the coin, there is of course the other side—the perversion of the Mother aspect. And that perversion has come through science and the philosophy of natural selection, and the philosophy that everything in life is an outpicturing of the struggle for limited resources, thereby causing some to be more fit than others. And again, this has been used by those among the power elite, those among the forces of anti-christ who would not accept and would not submit to the authority of the Catholic Church. For they were the aspiring power elite who wanted to take power away from the established power elite, who had been in an alliance, an unholy alliance, with the Catholic Church for centuries.

The aspiring power elite saw that the emerging philosophy of materialism, especially boosted by the theory of evolution, was their vehicle for setting themselves up as the unquestioned rulers of this world, through their philosophy that there is nothing beyond this world. And that, again, elitism and the fact that some people are rich and that many people are poor is simply an outpicturing of the laws of nature, where those who are more fit have a right to rule, have a right to take unto themselves privileges, such as abundance, and keep the majority of the population in poverty.

Not only is this a complete fabrication, it is actually a perversion of the reality and the laws of nature. For if you were to carefully analyze history on this planet, even by using the knowledge that has already been brought forth through science itself – including the science of physics and the science of biology – if you were to perform such an analysis and read between the lines – look beyond the official doctrines of science, and refuse to listen to the priesthood of science – well, then you would find that the theory of evolution is based on an utterly and completely false premise.

First of all, it is based on the consciousness of lack, the concept that this is a planet with limited resources. This is, as I have spoken about before, a complete lie. For the only real resource is the knowledge of people in embodiment, combined with the will to let God’s light flow through them, thereby bringing forth more abundance than is in existence today. The will to become MORE.

It is not true that this planet has limited resources. For as Jesus said, with men this is impossible—meaning that when you are in the human consciousness and you deny the power of God within you, well, then this planet does have limited resources. For it is not possible to bring forth greater resources through the power and the wisdom of man. And thus, those who have become completely identified with the consciousness of anti-christ and their identity of separation, well, they are indeed cut off from that power. So to them it seems as if this planet has limited resources.

But, of course, the reality is that when you exercise the potential, that all people have, to find the kingdom of God within you, well, then it is possible to increase the amount of abundance on this planet. And in fact this is, despite what science says currently, precisely the force that is driving evolution on a planetary historical scale. As Maitreya explains in his book, the drive to be more, the drive to grow that is built into life—this is what causes species and the entire planet to transcend itself and come to higher and higher levels, greater and greater levels of complexity. And more complex life forms, of course, being an expression of abundance.

So you see, historically, that if it had only been the consciousness of lack and the competition for limited resources, well, then this planet would not have been in an upward evolutionary spiral. It would have been in a downward evolutionary spiral and would long ago have disintegrated under the weight of that spiral. The reality is, that it is indeed possible to bring forth greater and greater resources, thereby overcoming poverty and giving the abundant life to all people. This is perfectly possible within the laws of nature. Yet, what has been programmed into the collective consciousness through the philosophy of science and materialism is precisely that this is not possible, causing millions if not billions of people around the world to accept that this is simply their lot in life, and there is nothing they can do about it. For after all, resources are limited, so how could all people be rich? How could all people have a certain standard of living?


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