Saint Germain’s guidance for those lacking Christ discernment

Ascended Master Saint Germain, September 26, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

At the time of the founding of this nation, there was not a critical mass of people with the necessary degree of Christ consciousness. Even the founding fathers themselves did not have sufficient Christ consciousness, as an honest study of their lives will reveal. For example, the person who penned the Declaration of Independence and spoke of inalienable rights, Thomas Jefferson, was unwilling to give up his comfortable lifestyle based on slavery. My point being that as an ascended master I was allowed to use my own spiritual attainment to make up for this lack in order to get this nation founded.

The way this works is that I can make my Presence and my Christ attainment available to the sitting government, so that its members, and especially the president, can access it when they are willing to attune their minds to me and seek higher guidance. For example, George Washington during the revolutionary war often prayed for Divine guidance and received it as his mind was open and able to grasp my directions. The same for Abraham Lincoln and a majority among the other presidents.

Yet, of course, my guidance is always subject to the Law of Free Will, which means a person can receive only what his or her mind is open to receiving. Thus, it is entirely possible, that a person can have preconceived opinions and beliefs that the person is not willing to question or look beyond. And thus, the person simply cannot receive my guidance, which, of course, is not confined to any man-made belief systems but given from the level of my ascended consciousness—although stepped down to some degree, but not to the degree of compromising the very principles I embody.

My Beloved, do you understand what I am saying here? Throughout the history of this nation, no president has had the sufficient level of Christ consciousness to be a true leader of the American experiment. Thus, the very survival of this nation has been secured ONLY by the fact that every president had access to my attainment and momentum, which has the potential to make up for any lack on the part of humans in embodiment. Thus, in many cases, my guidance provided the crucial difference that helped a president – or his advisors – make the decision that secured the survival of the nation. Of course, given free will, there have also been many instances, where a president ignored my guidance and made decisions that endangered the survival of the nation. Yet on balance, so far the nation has survived and has moved forward, although it has at times been a bumpy road.

I am, of course, beyond the human ego and any need for self-aggrandizement. Thus, I am not trying to make myself seem important. I am simply being realistic in stating the fact that a president’s access to my guidance has in countless instances been the very factor that ensured the survival of this nation. Thus, you can understand, that when I have to withdraw my Presence from the White House – as I have had to do only slightly more than a handful of times – the sitting president is left entirely to his own human devices, and no matter how much he might pray, no guidance will be forthcoming.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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