Religions and Satanism

Ascended Master Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2014 through Kim Michaels.

What is religion, my beloved? Well, the stark reality is that most mainstream religions on earth are Satanism in disguise.

How can I make such a startling statement? It is really very simple when you understand what Satan is. My beloved, in the western culture – based on the Bible and the teachings of Christianity, including the Book of Revelation – you have the concept of Lucifer and the concept or name of Satan.

Let me endeavor to give you a brief glimpse of the difference between Lucifer and Satan. They actually represent two aspects of the misuse, the perversion, of the most basic elements of creation, namely the two forces depicted in the yin and the yang, often called the masculine and the feminine, the Alpha and the Omega. Lucifer has perverted the Alpha, the masculine aspect. Satan has perverted the feminine aspect, the Omega aspect.

This is what they represent. This is not to say that this is accomplished by two particular beings only, but for the purpose of using the cultural background that you have in the western world, we can say that Satan represents the misuse of the feminine element of creation, and Lucifer represents the misuse of the masculine element of creation.

When you have a perversion of either of these two elements, you cannot find balance, you cannot find the Middle Way. If you cannot find the Middle Way, you cannot make genuine spiritual progress. You cannot ascend from earth. You cannot enter a higher realm, whether you call it Nirvana, Heaven or anything else.

Why do I say that most religions on earth are Satanism in disguise? Because they have perverted the feminine aspect of creation, the feminine force of creation. This is an initiation that will be very prevalent in this coming year, but even beyond. It is time that humankind begins to understand the wisdom of the mother, which has, in the Christian, mystical tradition, been called the Divine Sophia. You may know of the scripture called the Pistis Sophia, where this concept is presented. Yet, there are other sources, so let me endeavor to explain to you what is the true wisdom of the Mother.


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