Raising up women in Christianity

Ascended Master Maraytaii, June 26, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

So there is indeed a possibility, that this can happen. Not of course that we envision – as was stated at our last conference – that the major Christian churches would suddenly wake up and elect a female pope. But at least there will be women from many Christian churches, who will come apart and form new movements, new initiatives, new churches, that honor the equality of masculine and feminine, men and women, and the value of letting women hold any position in their spiritual movements.

Thus my beloved, I have given you some strong meat, because I desire you to ponder these ideas. I ask you to recite the mantra I have given you to yourself, calmly and quietly as you go to rest, as you go about your activities. Keep a part of your attention on my Presence. Recite my mantra, attune yourself to beloved Surya,. Ask to be tutored in how you can better come to understand, accept and embody the ideas we have cast before you.

The culmination of Jesus’ teachings

For you see, my beloved, this is indeed a turning point, a culmination of the teachings that started with Jesus’ release of the concept of Christhood 2,000 years ago. And thus, we are indeed very hopeful that we will see a breakthrough at the etheric level, which then gradually can be lowered through the mental, emotional and eventually into the physical, where you will suddenly see people around the world waking up, tuning in and saying, “What happened to the Divine Feminine in religion? Where did it go? Why did it get lost? Maybe we need to restore it.” And they will find themselves surprised at hearing themselves say this. But yet, they will be impelled to listen and then ponder these questions.

And then, they can find the teachings we have given in the physical and they can say, “Ah, this is what I know in my heart is true. This is what needs to happen. We need to restore the Divine Feminine in religion. We need to rise above the unbalanced approach to religion, represented by the monotheistic religions, and even other religions that worship God as the remote being in the sky. Or even those who worship some form of the Mother God, but see that Mother God as a physical planet, as a mountain, as a statue, or as some other image that still identifies God as being outside yourself, instead of being inside yourself.”

Thus my beloved, I congratulate and thank you for your presence here, for your attention, and thus I leave you with one final thought: We need to transcend mono-theism and create intra-theism—an entirely new approach to religion, that recognizes the God within all life. Thus, I seal you in the flame of the Divine Mother. Be at peace in my light, for my light is All and in All.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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