Raising the whole

Ascended Master Jesus, June 13, 2010 through Kim Michaels.

When you are on the spiritual path, every time you take a step up in consciousness, you are making a contribution to the forward progression of the earth, the Golden Age, and the work of the ascended masters. Every step you take up is making a contribution. You might say, that your individual contribution seemingly makes no difference on the whole, but if all other spiritual people said the same thing – and no one made those small individual contributions – then how would the whole ever be raised up?

You see, every one of you is part of the forward momentum of humankind. Every one of you is making a contribution. By the mere fact that you have been in embodiment in Russia, or in one of the former Soviet republics, you have made a contribution to the downfall of communism, and you have made a contribution to the transition into a new form of life. You may look at the chaos that is here now, but had you not been here, that chaos would have been far worse. And it would have taken much longer to transcend it and move into an upward spiral that is obvious to all.

There is an upward spiral in Russia and the former Soviet republics. There is an upward spiral on a planetary level. And it is just a matter of time before it breaks through to the point, where most people can see it and acknowledge it. You cannot detect such an upward spiral by looking at external, isolated events. For if you are willing to look for the events that prove that the earth is doomed to go to hell, then you can always find such events. But we do not look at such events the same way. For do you understand what we have been saying throughout this conference: the old structures must be broken down before the new can be born? And so, is it really a sign that the earth is going to hell, that some of these old structure are broken down, or is it actually a sign that the earth is approaching a moment of rebirth?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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