Raise up a chalice for the Living Christ

Ascended Master Jesus, May 28, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Thus, my beloved, I call your attention to the necessity of contemplating the concept of being Right on each of the seven rays. Being Right means being balanced. For, as has already been said, the eight-fold path of the Buddha is to be Right by being on the middle way. If you think back to the delivery earlier, you will see that there was an expression of God Power. But there was not the misuse of God Power that you indeed see in some Christian preachers who go on with their hellfire and brimstone preaching, and therefore become unbalanced and indeed qualify power as the power of the ego.
And I must tell you that it is unfortunately possible that some of these people can have a certain momentum of God Power from past lives. And thus, they may seem to give a very powerful speech, and indeed there may be some flow of the Holy Spirit through them, but it is perverted by their egos who are blinded by their pride or by their desire for control. So that they will not express the God Power that is in alignment with the Will of God, and therefore seeks to awaken people without in any way forcing or manipulating them against the Law of Free Will.
Each and every one of you – if you are willing – have the potential to become the open door. That means following the path, healing your psychology, overcoming the ego, but it also means raising up a chalice, so that the Living Christ can flow into a vessel, and not be the pearl that is cast before the swine of the human consciousness of the world. And thus, raising up a chalice means that you study a topic that is dear to your heart. You study it until you have the concepts in your mind, to the point where the Living Christ has something to work with and can therefore express itself through you.
So what you saw earlier was that when Kim got up to give that lecture, he had no idea what was going to be said, except that it was going to be about the three years of my mission. Yet, because he has studied and read and written about the topic of my life, and knows the scriptures to some degree, he had the vessel prepared that could be the chalice for the Living Christ to flow through him—even though his outer mind had no preparation. And the same can be true of each and every one of you, when you prepare yourself. So that, at any moment, when you encounter a situation where the Living Christ desires to express itself through you, you are not taken aback and you do not fall into the trap that all of you sometimes fall into—of saying, “Oh no, I couldn’t be the Living Christ in this situation. I am not ready. I am not worthy. I do not know enough. I am too tired. Perhaps tomorrow, but not now.”
And yet, did I not say, “You know not when the lord of the household cometh?” You know not when the Living Christ needs to use you, because you are the only person who can give that cup of cold water to a particular person who is trapped in some outer situation, or in the blindness of the ego. And thus they need that cold water to be splashed in their face, so that they can be awakened and realize there is a better way to live, there is more to life.
Contemplate the concept of the brides who made themselves ready by keeping their lamps trimmed, so that when the bridegroom came, they were ready. Whereas the foolish virgins, who had not trimmed their lamps, first had to go out and buy oil, and thus, the bridegroom had already entered the bridal chamber when they came back.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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