Preach the universal Word

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2007 through Kim Michaels.

So my beloved, this is what I encourage in you—become universal! And in order to help you overcome your fear of speaking out, I would remind you of what we have said before: It is not your job to convince or convert other people. So many religious and spiritual people go out to evangelize, to preach, but they think they have to preach a certain system, a religious system because they have to get other people into the fold. For they think only those who are in the fold will be saved. Do you not see what I have been saying in this discourse? Any system on earth is a closed system, so no matter which closed system you are in, you will not be saved, for the true key to salvation is to be in the River of Life. Now, you can be in a system on earth and still be in the River of Life, but only if you have that inner recognition that there is a higher truth, and that you are willing to flow with it.

So you see, it is not your job to go out and convince other people of a certain truth. It is your job to present them with a choice between the myriad of dualistic ideas and an idea that comes from the higher truth of Christ, the higher principles. You will see in today’s world, that many people already sense at inner levels that there is a higher truth. And that is why you will see that many spiritual people resent any attempt to convert them to a particular Church or a particular system. But those same people will not resent you if you simply share a universal truth with them, and just allow them the freedom to do whatever they do with it.

So consider this. Many of the people who go out and preach a religious or spiritual truth do so because they still have an ego-based need for acceptance. They are actually hoping that other people will accept what they say, so that they can feel accepted in themselves. For they do not have the love for themselves that Mother Mary spoke about. Yet, as spiritual people you need to strive for that love, and when you have that love for yourself, when you know you are in that flow of the River of Life, you will not go out and preach your truth from the point of deficit, from the point of you needing something – whether it be acceptance or recognition or something else – from other people. You will be in the flow of the River of Life, as Saint Germain was talking about, where he said that you come from a state of being full, so you can give to all without needing to receive anything in return. And when you do that, you have that unconditional love, where you freely share who you are, you share the truth that you have internalized, and you leave other people completely free, for it makes no difference to you whether other people accept or reject what you say.

My Beloved, listen to what I am saying. When you are in the flow of the River of Life, you know that your purpose, your fulfillment, is to let your light shine. You are like the sun, who is just shining its light upon earth, and the sun is not in the least bit affected by what human beings do with the sunshine that reaches earth. For the sun continues to give, and when you have set yourself free from all sense of not being worthy, all sense of not loving yourself, you can have that freedom to just shine your light with other people. And you know that when you have expressed your truth, you have done your job, and surely by expressing that truth, you have multiplied your talents. And you know that you don’t need to receive anything back from the people, for in you multiplying your talents, surely God will multiply what you have given to others and give you more.

You have then escaped the consciousness of lack, that springs from the fallen consciousness, where you think that you have to take something from earth. Instead, you realize that God is the source of all good and perfect things, so why do you need something from other people when you can receive directly from the source. This is true spiritual freedom. And it is what Maitreya spoke about in the last chapters of his book. It is what will change the religious debate on this planet. And it is indeed true, that if you could change the religious debate, all others areas of society would begin to change as well.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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