Ponder why the Spirit will not conform

Ascended Master Jesus, January 3, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

I especially encourage you to consider what I have said already, that the Christ, that the flow of the Spirit, will never conform to the mental images and the mental boxes that you, or other people, or the fallen beings have created on earth.

If you are to take advantage of this dispensation, you have to be awakened from your current state of consciousness. I am not hereby saying that you have failed the initiations of the Year of the Son or that you are in an unacceptably low state of consciousness. It is not my intent here to reinforce the fallen beings’ image that there is something wrong with you if you are not living up to a certain standard. My point is simply this: no matter what level of consciousness you are at, the role of the Living Christ, the role of the Holy Spirit, is to take you to the next step up.

Throw away all value judgments about whether you are in a high enough state of consciousness or not, whether you live up to this or that or the next standard or image defined by any spiritual movement or religion on earth. Throw them all away, but we willing to recognize that whatever state of consciousness you are in right now, my job is to help you rise to the next step up—and then go beyond that as you are willing.

And so for me to help you rise beyond your current level of consciousness, you must be willing to think outside of the mental box created by your current level of consciousness. And thus, you must be willing to recognize that the Christ will not conform to that mental box and the mental images you have inside the box, the mental images that make up the box.

If you think that being the Christ means living up to a certain standard, then I can only help you rise higher by challenging that standard. If you think that the directions I should give you from within yourself should live up to a certain predefined expectation that you have, then I can only truly help you by not conforming to that expectation.

Can you see what I am saying?

I cannot help you if I conform to your expectations and mental images. If I did indeed conform, then I would only validate and reinforce the spiritualized ego that you have created. And this I will not do.

You will not get the ascended master Jesus Christ to validate your ego. Millions of people who have seen themselves as good Christians have attempted to get me to validate the Christian, so to speak, egos they have created. You have no right to ask me to do this, and I have no obligation to conform to those who do ask.

I will not conform to your mental images. I will remain true to my vow to draw all men and women unto me because I was lifted up from the earth. And I can draw you unto me not by lowering myself to your expectation but by lifting you up beyond your expectation.

How can this be so difficult to grasp? It can be difficult to grasp when you look at the spiritual path, even the teachings of the ascended masters, from inside your mental box.

And therefore, anything we say, anything that comes to you, will be colored by your graven images before it reaches the conscious mind. That is why it is possible for a spiritual teacher to say something that carries truth and wisdom, but the student does not receive it the way it was given. And this is what you saw in the situation where Peter tells me that what I am telling him about me going to Jerusalem and suffering many things shall not come to pass—because it is beneath me according to his standard for what the Christ should be like.

What did I say to Peter? I said: “Get thee behind me Satan!” For this is precisely the satanic consciousness, that wants the Christ to conform to its expectations—that wants the Christ to conform to the current conditions on earth instead of being the open door for raising up those conditions.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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