Personal relationships with fallen beings

Ascended Master Jesus, March 30, 2013 through Kim Michaels.

I would give you a deeper teaching than I have given before about how you deal with the fallen beings. There are many of those who volunteered to come to earth with Sanat Kumara, or after Sanat Kumara came, who have volunteered, as Venus explained, to give an opportunity to those who are trapped in the fallen consciousness. Many of the spiritual people on earth have embodied in close relationships with those in the fallen consciousness. It may be parents, spouses, children, family members or people that you otherwise associate with. It is often people where you have a very close physical relationship that can even be a physical dependence.

This is a common scenario because when you are on your last embodiment or close to what is your last embodiment, you want to pass the initiations and you want to pass them quickly. There is no better way to pass the last initiations than to be in such close association in your personal relationships with a fallen being. Not all of you are meant to stand up to the fallen ones in a public setting, as I did. Many of you who have, at least as an initial step, chosen to embody with fallen beings in these close, personal relationships.

What is the key to passing this initiation? Well, first of all it is that you do not allow the fallen beings to change you to the point where you deny your Christhood. You will often have to hold back your Christhood in order to even associate with the fallen beings, but this does not mean that you have to compromise it to the point where you cannot express it—when you have fulfilled divine cycles and you no longer need to be concerned about adapting and maintaining a relationship.

What is the key to moving to the next level of initiation? In many cases you have a deep sense that you are meant to help this other person. You may, over time, begin to see certain patterns in that person’s psychology, and you may see that the person is not willing to look at this, is not able to look at this, and will not acknowledge that he or she has a problem even though you may have demonstrated how you have transcended yourself many times during the course of the relationship. This makes it easy for you to come to that point of thinking that you have to change the other person.

However, if you allow yourself to believe that you need to change a person who is in the fallen consciousness, you are making your own progress and your ascension dependent on the choices of another self-aware being. In fact, we might say that the person in the fallen consciousness is not truly self-aware at the highest definition of that word. Thus, you are making your life dependent on the choices of an unenlightened being who may think that he or she is smart and spiritual, but who is nevertheless trapped in the blindness of the fallen consciousness.

This is something you do not want to do, my beloved. Many of you who are the spiritual people, many of you who have that Holy Innocence buried somewhere deep within your hearts, you need to consider that perhaps it is time for you to look at the people in your circle of influence, to begin to identify who are the ones in the fallen consciousness. You can begin to look at how your relationships with these people have affected yourself, your view of yourself, your view of spirituality, your abilities to express your light, your abilities to do things in the physical.

There is no one in the fallen consciousness who is not trapped in the pattern of wanting to control others, wanting you to be in a co-dependent relationship that you cannot move out of because they have managed to put on you the belief that you are somehow limited, that you should somehow hold yourself back in order to maintain that relationship. They want to keep you trapped, they often even believe that they are the ones who have given you a certain position or a certain ability, and therefore they have some sense of ownership over you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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