Personal Christhood is beyond personal growth

Ascended Master Mother Mary, August 17, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

I congratulate those of you, who have been willing to partake in Jesus’ latest offering, the book on Personal Christhood, and who have made a commitment to follow that course all together. For you see, that even though many of you could make faster progress alone, there is great value in all of you doing the keys and the exercises together. Not only for your own growth, but by doing it together you create an impetus, a movement,  that will literally sweep through the mass consciousness. And it can indeed raise up the top 10 percent of the people on this planet, to suddenly begin to recognize the reality of the path to Personal Christhood—that is beyond the spiritual path, the path of personal growth, that many of them have been following thus far.

When you look at the world, you will see that there are millions of people who are part of the New Age or the spiritual movement who are practicing various techniques, studying various teachings and seeking earnestly and honestly to raise their consciousness. And I do not wish to in any way degrade their accomplishments, but I must tell you, that what they accomplish by pursuing the path of personal growth – although it is a clear service to the planet – it is not enough to bring the planet forward, as we need to see it done before 2012.

And thus, the only factor that we see, that can really bring the planet to the point where it needs to be, is that more and more people see that there is something beyond the path of personal growth—the desire to raise your consciousness for your own sake, for the sake of having certain powers or attaining certain experiences. There is a path beyond that personal growth, and it is the path of Personal Christhood, where you no longer seek to raise up the individual self, for you have become so one with the One Self that you seek to raise the All.

I leave you with the immense sense of joy that I feel, from seeing the wave of positive energy that you have created, the wave that rolled around the globe and consumed all imperfections. And I ask you to hold that image, hold that visualization of the wave of the white Mother Light consuming all imperfections, as it rolls around the globe, perhaps tuning in to this visualization once a day.

And then, after you visualize the wave rolling around the planet, visualize how the white light forms a perfectly calm ocean, that reflects the perfection of the Dhyani Buddha’s above here on earth. This is an immensely powerful visualization, and truly it is a gift from our hearts. Use it to the best of your ability, and we shall see what miracles can be accomplished when you here below unite with us Above. For truly, the greatest potential for world change is the union of hearts, as above, so below. So be it, for I seal you in the infinite joy of the Divine Mother, the infinite joy of Jesus Christ, who truly carries the Joy Flame for earth. Thus, be sealed in that joy, forever and ever!


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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