Overcoming the illusion of being God’s chosen people

Ascended Master Mother Mary, July 16, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

An important part of this mission would be to help the lifestreams in the Middle East overcome the illusion that they are God’s chosen people, and that their traditional culture and lifestyle is somehow ordained by God and thus should be maintained at all costs. It is not rational in this day and age that certain Jewish groups maintain customs, even hair and dress style, that are centuries old. It is not rational that certain Arab groups seek to stop the clock of progress, seeking to maintain a culture that died over a century ago.  

What needs to happen is that the more advanced lifestreams – who have lived and grown up in western nations – seek to help their brothers and sisters who are still in the Middle East overcome their fear of progress, their fear of material and technological progress, their fear of economic progress, their fear of political progress, their fear of democracy and freedom, even their fear of social progress, especially relating to giving women equal status in society.

Yet, sad as it is to say, even the most advanced lifestreams from the twelve tribes that have grown up in the West are a far cry from being able to fulfill this mission, because they are still too rigid in their own approach to life and especially in their approach to religion. As I said, many of these lifestreams are today Christians. And they have done to the Christian religion exactly the same as the most orthodox and rigid Jews have done to Judaism and as the most orthodox and religious Muslims have done to Islam. They have turned it into an exclusivist religion. And they have continued the age-old game of saying that their religion is the only true one and therefore they are better than all non-believers.  

This insanity must come to end, and it will come to end only when those who have either completely transcended the consciousness of the twelve tribes or who are not members of the twelve tribes but have come from other systems of worlds to raise up planet earth, take up their intended role to be the representatives of the Christ consciousness on earth. Once again, we come back to the fact that is the underlying fact upon planet earth. Although planet earth is a crossroads with lifestreams from many different backgrounds, it is a fact that when all of these lifestreams embody on the same planet, they become part of the same web of life. And it is a fact that when one part of this web is raised, it will pull up everyone else. As Jesus said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth will draw all men unto me.” Thus, if you take a tablecloth and pull up one corner, you will eventually raise the entire cloth.

So, once again, we look to those who are the most advanced spiritual seekers on this planet to be the forerunners for breaking the rigidity of the old consciousness by raising their own consciousness and striving to put on the mind of Christ. Only in this way can we see a domino effect that will eventually reach the Middle East.  


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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