Overcoming the fear of being the Christ

Ascended Master Mother Mary, May 2, 2004 through Kim Michaels.

Oh my beloved hearths, I am the Mother of God, I am your Mother Mary, I am your older sister, and truly I have sponsored many of the lifestreams that currently walk the earth. And I come to you, and I kneel before you and I plead with you and I say, “Please listen to my words, please hear my words in your hearts and not just with your minds or with your fears. Please let my words penetrate the shells of fear that you have built around your minds and hearts, and allow me into your heart, where I will truly be the gentle mother who will take you upon my lap. And I will rock you as I rocked the baby Jesus, until your soul is so filled with the unconditional love of the Mother of God that you truly let go of all your fears, your fears of giving birth to the Christ child within you, your fears of facing the Archangel Gabriel, who comes to announce to you that you have found favor with God and that you are to give birth to the Christ child, to the Christ consciousness, that truly is your highest potential on this earth.”

I come to prepare you for this initiation, so that when the Archangel Gabriel comes to you, you will not reject him, you will not doubt him, you will not argue with him. You will, as did I 2,000 years ago, simply say, “Oh Lord, be it unto me according to thy will, because I know now that your will is my will and my will is your will. I know I am born out of the unconditional love of God and God’s desiring to be more. And therefore, I am willing to be more, I am willing to be more right here on this planet and thereby bring the kingdom of God, which is more than any earthly kingdom, into full physical manifestation on this planet. And because I know that the unconditional love of God is the very center of my being, I have transcended all fears of expressing my Christhood on this earth. I am willing to be centered in that love and stand before the world, as did my older brother Jesus, and I am willing to let them do or say what they will do or say, and thereby become the instrument for the judgment that calls all life to choose this day whom they will serve and calls them to come up higher and be more of who they truly are in God.”

My Beloved hearts, I leave you with these thoughts to ponder, and I seal you in the unconditional love of the Mother of God, which truly is the unconditional, unstoppable love of the pure Being of God who is beyond all form. In the name of the Father, the Son, the Mother and the Holy Spirit, it is done, it is finished and I seal your hearts in the infinite love of God, which is the ultimate protection against the gates of hell and the forces of this world. Therefore, abide in that love always and be that love in this world. Amen.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



Copyright © 2004 Kim Michaels