Only Oneness between masculine and feminine can stop war

Ascended Master Mother Mary, November 1, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

As my beloved Master MORE came yesterday to offer you the Father’s Love, I, Mary, come today to offer you the Mother’s Love. Which I can assure you is no less intense, no less powerful, but yet perhaps often expressed in a more gentle way. So, for example, when Master MORE stepped forward, claiming his right to speak first, I Mary – with a quiet smile – let him do this. For we who represent the Divine Feminine have learned, that we must sometimes step back and let those who represent the Divine Masculine step forward.

Why most wars are started by men

For my beloved, if you look at the situation on earth, is it not true that most wars are precipitated by men? This is a universal reality seen throughout history, at least, known history. I am not saying there have not been exceptions from this rule in the past. But certainly, in general it is those who represent the male energy who go to war.

And why is that? It is because it has not found expression in a balanced manner. For, you see, the very nature of the masculine energy is that it wants to express, it wants to break boundaries. It wants to go beyond and transcend. That is indeed the driving force in creation. And there is nothing wrong with this, as long as it is expressed in a way that raises the All. It is indeed the very force that brings the creative process forward. Yet, when that force is suppressed, when it is held back in an unnatural way, well, then the force will not die—the force will not go away. So, it will keep building pressure upon pressure. And sooner or later the pressure becomes so great, that those who are under that pressure see no other way to relieve the pressure than through some act of violence and aggression.

Which, of course, is a phenomenon that is known by the false teachers, who have come to this earth. They know, that if they can make people believe in the illusion, as Master MORE explained, that one other group of people is the cause of all of their problems, well then, it is inevitable that as the pressure keeps building, there will come a point, where people are motivated to go to war with those who have become the scapegoats.  And so you see the pattern here, that it is the male energy – unbalanced – that creates or sets the stage for war. For, of course, what truly creates war is the free-will choices of human beings.

Your Spirit is beyond male and female

Today, you see that there are many people who may be in a male body who have trouble expressing their sexuality in a normal male way, or those who are in a female body and cannot express it in a female way. What is happening in the world is that actually this is an expression of the fact, that we have reached a point in human evolution, where human beings need to see beyond these outer characteristics. They need to see that being in a male body does not mean that you have to fulfill the traditional male role, which leads you to become the aggressive warrior.

You can indeed be in a male body and have the male energy be balanced by the feminine aspect of your own being. For surely, those who are in a male body are not truly male beings. They are universal spiritual beings, they are co-creators with God, who are simply in this lifetime, and perhaps for several other lifetimes, expressing themselves through a male body. But this does not make the spirit male or female.

All self-aware beings – all lifestreams – have both the masculine and the feminine as a polarity in their beings. So, it is necessary in this age for human beings to realize, that you can be in a male body but still have a balance between masculine and feminine. You can, as some people have said, be in touch with your feminine side without becoming less of a man, without going into a perversion of expressing your sexuality in an unnatural way.

How women prevent war

Unless there is that greater balance between masculine and feminine, well, then there cannot be true peace. And certainly, those who are in a feminine body can – and have for generations – been holding a certain balance that has actually prevented even more wars than have taken place. For many times the women in a society, in a nation, have provided that balancing aspect that has prevented that nation from going to war.

In some cases they have not been able to hold that balance. But what I am expressing to you here is, that in this day and age women are not meant to hold the balance for men. Women are not meant to compensate for the fact, that men are unbalanced in expressing the masculine energy. It is indeed the responsibility of the men to get in touch with that feminine aspect of their beings and allow it to balance the masculine outgoing, expressive energy.

And so it has indeed been necessary for women to step back, or rather to transcend the traditional feminine role, where they are not just the passive ones who stay at home and take care of the man when he comes home, whether it be from work or war or whatever activity. It might even be going to the pub and worshipping the gods of beer or wine as some have done for generations, to the point where one must wonder: how many lifetimes does a soul need in order to fully have explored any effect that beer can have on the mind and body and come to a point where one says, perhaps there is more to life than blowing the foam off a glass of beer. And so you see, women have stepped forward in society to take up positions that just a generation or two ago could have been held only by men.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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