No need to blame women for the fall

Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 12, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

Oh how that Mother Flame has been put down over the centuries, and even the millennia. What a curse has been put on the Mother of God and the feminine aspect of every lifestream. What a curse has been put on women, blaming them for the Fall of Man. It was called the “Fall of Man,” not the “Fall of Woman,” because it was the fall of the feminine aspect of every lifestream—both men and women.

All chose, all chose to adapt to the ways of the world. All chose to accept the temptations of those who had already separated themselves from God and who desired to pull others with them. These tempters wanted to steal people’s love, their light, that they could no longer receive from Above because they were not willing to receive it in love.

There is no reason to blame women; there is no reason to blame anyone. God does not want to blame any human soul because blame is a fear-based emotion, and fear breeds fear and it traps you in a downward spiral, whereby you become more and more separated from your spiritual self, from who you really are. God has no desire to see you separate yourself from who you are, from your highest potential. God desires every human being to be all that they are, all that he created them to be, and even to be more, because he gave them free will.

When you use your free will in love, you will grow and become more than God created you to be. And thereby God becomes more through you, and the entire creation is magnified. This is true love; not human love that is conditional and shuts off the flow of love. Human love wants to own and gather to itself. And once it has gathered what it thinks is enough, it wants to keep it by controlling it. When you love another person in a human way, you are afraid you could lose them. So you want to control them and bind them to you.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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