No more exclusivity

Ascended Master Saint Germain, June 21, 2013 through Kim Michaels

Such an organization will recognize that there is a level beyond the material world and that there are intelligent beings in that world that can communicate with human beings. More importantly, it will recognize that we of the ascended masters can communicate through any human being, not necessarily any and all, but we do not communicate exclusively through a small elite or one person. We can potentially communicate with any person regardless of their status or position in the earthly organization or civilization. The Golden Age of Saint Germain will be based on the descent of the Word, which is an expression of the Holy Spirit—and the Holy Spirit bloweth where it listeth. Or rather, when it comes to the golden age it bloweth where I listeth for I am the overseer of the golden age.

You can see the civilizations of the past and how they were all based on exclusivity, which is the idea that only one person could rule or only one person could be the intermediary between God or the gods and man. Look at the Roman Empire and how it was based on the idea of one emperor who in certain periods was even seen as God on earth. The spiritual arrogance of certain emperors was such that they defined themselves as gods on earth.

Today, no secular ruler does this but you do indeed see people in spiritual and religious movements who have the arrogance to define themselves as the exclusive incarnation of God or a certain God. You see how the Roman Empire took the idea that the Emperor was God on earth, transferred it to Christianity and now created the philosophy that Jesus was the only intermediary between God and the people, but that there was a Church that controlled the people’s access to what was administered by Jesus. Thus came the whole superstructure of the Catholic Church with the Pope as the Vicar of Christ.

Why does Christ need a Vicar when Christ instituted the tradition of the Comforter, the Holy spirit that could speak through anyone, blowing where it listesth? If you can make sense of this, my beloved, then you can do something I cannot do for I cannot make sense of it. Of course, I do not see through the filter of the fallen consciousness and I realize that many well-meaning people simply have been deceived. They have no evil intent, they only intended to do the best. They thought they were Christ’s representatives, they thought they were doing what Christ wanted them to do, but they failed to do the one thing that can manifest the golden age, which was to tune in to the Spirit in their own hearts.


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