No church can hold Jesus

Ascended Master Jesus, October 28, 2009, through Kim Michaels.

What did I preach, my beloved? I preached an inner path, a living path, where there is no way to mechanically qualify, for you are qualified only in accordance with your state of consciousness, your openness, the purity and the love of your heart. There is no way of cheating on the inner path. There is no way to walk it in a mechanical manner, whereby you think, that performing an outer ritual is enough. It is not enough! It never was enough! It never will be enough!

You will not enter the Kingdom of God until you find it within yourself. And how can you find it? Well, you can give an outer ritual and prayers for ten thousand lifetimes without finding it. Or you can enter into the consciousness of the little child, you can go within your heart and open your heart to receiving the unconditional love of God—that rains upon the just and the unjust every second, every minute, every hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and so forth and so on for all eternity. Do you see, my beloved, THAT this is the path I preached? I went into the hills, because I did not want my message to be associated with or obscured by or fit into any mental box created by the Jewish religion or any other religion. Thus, what was my Church? It was the hills, the view of this beautiful Sea of Galilee and it was the blue dome of the sky above. That was my Church, my beloved. 

You can build any Church or cathedral, and you can claim it is the Church of Christ. But I tell you, that if it has walls and ceilings, it is not my Church. There is no building that can hold me, so why even attempt to build a building? For that building would only be an expression of how far you have removed yourself from an understanding of the inner path. The greater and the more elaborate the building, the more you demonstrate, that you have removed yourself from that center-point of the heart, where you can know the living Christ as a living fire burning within your heart.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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