Mother Mary was not a passive woman

Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 29, 2011, through Kim Michaels.

For my beloved, when you consider the many women in Poland who have a devotion to me as the Mother of Jesus, it should be possible for you to make a shift and realize, that I was not the typical passive housewife that you see raised up as an ideal in many nations. I was not a passive mother for Jesus.

For Jesus was as I have said before, an unruly child. And he needed to be shown, that there was a limit even for a child with a certain Christ attainment. And it was, indeed, my role in the family to take that role, which might seem like the role of the man. And this is not to say that Joseph did not also fulfill a role, but it was precisely my role as the woman to stand up to the person who had some Christ attainment, but was tempted to think that he knew all and thus did not need to be corrected by anything in this world. 

For such is indeed the plight of many with spiritual attainment. And this is why you see some of them go the way of becoming more and more egotistical and self–centered, and therefore fail their mission. And I was determined to do everything in my power, so that Jesus would not fail his mission for lack of parental discipline and example. And I can assure you, that there were times, where there was a battle of wills, and I had to mount all of my Christ attainment to take a stand and say: “No, you will not cross this line.” 

And this is indeed the potential that all those who are devoted to the Divine Mother in general, and to Mother Mary in particular, have. And thus, I put out into the collective consciousness of Poland this thoughtform of the women taking an absolute, unyielding stand; not out of anger but out of true determination. The determination that says: “I will not be moved by anything less than the purity of the Christ vision.”

For, even though matter, and the Mother element, has vowed to outpicture whatever is put upon it, there comes a point, where those self-aware beings who embody in matter do indeed have a right to stand up and say: “This is the line; do not cross it! Or you will incur the wrath of Kali, the wrath of the Divine Mother.” Which has nothing to do with human anger, but is indeed the absolute determination that if you do cross that line, then the Divine Mother will mirror back to you what you are sending out without any delay and without any mitigating factor. So that you reap the full return of your own projections and not receive the grace that normally comes through the delay in time or the reduction in intensity that allows you to do certain things and still survive. 

For I can assure you, that there are many forms of karma, that would normally cause the instant destruction of the perpetrator, were not in this delay factor. And this delay factor is not inevitable, but is indeed tied to the free will of those who are the victims of abuse. For whereas you vow to allow some to abuse you in order to outpicture their state of consciousness, there also comes a point, where you must stand up and say that now this is enough and you must change. 


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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