Mother Mary’s judgment of false teachers

Ascended Master Mother Mary, December 28, 2003 through Kim Michaels.

Now I will speak to you of what I said in my last dictation, when I talked about the judgment, the judgment of God, descending upon the false churches of this earth. I mentioned specifically the Catholic Church, but the Catholic Church was meant to be the Church universal. It was to be the Church which would espouse the cause of the universal Christ, the universal Christ consciousness which appears in everything that was ever created.

The universal Christ, the universal Christ consciousness, is indeed the Word spoken of in the Gospel of John. It is this universal consciousness, this universal Word, from which the world itself was created. And that is why my son Jesus said that if men hold their peace in defense of the Christ, the stones themselves will indeed cry out. The reason being that the universal Christ consciousness is in everything.

The universal Christ consciousness is in every human being, and every person has the potential to manifest Christ consciousness. This is indeed the message that my son Jesus came to bring 2,000 years ago, and it was his desire, and God’s desire, that the Church which he started would become the Church that would espouse the truth about the universal Christ and the path to individual Christhood that is made possible because the universal Christ consciousness is in all.

As you well know, the Catholic Church did not become the true Church universal, and instead it turned the magnificent example of my son Jesus into an exception. It turned Jesus into an idol, and it created the lie of the exclusive incarnation that could take place only in one Son of God.

Well, this very idea, this very idolatry, is nothing less than the denial of the Christ within all life. This then is the essence of anti-christ. As you should know and be able to observe, this denial of the Christ has become almost universal on this planet. It is not confined to the Catholic Church, and therefore the judgment that I gave one month ago was indeed the judgment of all those who deny the Christ, whether they are found in the Catholic Church, in other churches, in the state, in the governments of the world, in the media establishments, or wherever they are found.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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