Mother Mary loves us as she loved Jesus

Ascended Master Mother Mary, March 12, 2005 through Kim Michaels.

I come to you with the intensity of a mother’s love for your lifestreams. I want to see you be all you can be, as I wanted Jesus to be all he could be. Please do not think that I loved Jesus more than I love each and every one of you. I am an ascended being. My heart is capable of infinitely more love than the heart of a human being in a physical body. My heart is big enough to hold every human being on this planet. And I hold the vision that you will become all that you are and that you will fulfill the plan for which your soul came into this lifetime.

I love you with the same love that I had for Jesus. I ask you to go into your heart and sense whether what I am saying resonates with your inner being. See whether giving my rosaries resonates with you, and if it does, then use the tools I have given and spend a little time attuning yourself to my heart, so that you can feel my love. Even more importantly, I hope you come to the point, where you have let go of enough fear that you can not only feel my love, but you can accept that love. I hope you can accept that you are worthy of the love of the Mother of God.

That love is given freely to all. You do not have to earn my love; I have already given it to you. Your choice is whether you will accept my love or reject it because you believe you are not worthy. And therefore I tell you, “You are worthy! God created you worthy and God desires YOU to accept that worthiness and to accept the love of the Mother of God and the love of the Father of God.” I therefore seal you now in the love of my mother’s heart, in the love of Jesus himself, who is here now to seal your hearts. And therefore I say, “Abide in this love for as long as you like— even forever. Amen”


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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