Mother Mary at the cross

Ascended Master Mother Mary, October 22, 2005, through Kim Michaels.

My Beloved hearts, I AM Mary. I am come to give you my unconditional love. For truly, only when you feel the unconditional love of God can you feel truly nurtured and truly whole. And the Divine Mother has no greater desire than to see all of God’s sons and daughters become whole—in being who they were created to be. And then multiplying their talents, taking dominion over their four lower bodies, taking dominion over the earth, taking dominion over matter itself—and thus becoming more than you were created to be.

So I would take you on a journey with me back in time. We are now in ancient Israel, as it was 2,000 years ago. We are standing in the kitchen in one of those old houses with a dirt floor. There I was, on a bright summer morning, preparing the noon meal. I could hear Joseph’s tools doing the work in his shop, and suddenly I heard the loud giggle of a young child from outside. I turned and faced the door, and the bright sunlight reflected a rectangle of golden light upon the dirt floor. As I looked through the opening, I saw Jesus, at the age of five, playing in the sand. He had thought up some little game that had caused him to burst out with the beautiful laughter of a child.

At that moment I was overwhelmed with my love for this beautiful being. Tears were streaming down my cheeks, and I suddenly saw the true being that was focused in this little child—that looked like any other child on the planet. I saw what God created as the individual being that was now Jesus. And as I saw the beauty of that being, I felt an unconditional love. And this love transformed me, so that my eye was opened and I saw the immaculate concept for Jesus and his mission in that life. And for the remainder of my time in physical embodiment, I could never forget or lose that immaculate concept. And for the remainder of Jesus’ mission, I held it for him.

Mother Mary at the cross

My Beloved, I would now take you with me to the day when I stood at the foot of the cross, watching Jesus hanging there in pain and in inner turmoil because he felt that his God had momentarily forsaken him—and he did not know what to do next. Again, I held the immaculate concept, and Jesus finally cried out and “gave up the ghost” as the Scriptures say. What Jesus gave up was the last remnant of his mortal self, his mortal sense of identity as being a human being rather than a Divine, spiritual being. And thus Jesus set the example for the path that all must follow.

And as I stood there and watched the body of Jesus draw its last long breath, my eyes were opened and I saw the Conscious You of Jesus leave that body and I saw him ascend in his resurrected body—I saw the immaculate concept for his resurrection. And at that moment, I too, gave up something. I gave up my motherly love for Jesus, for throughout my life all of my attention had been focused on the importance of Jesus’ mission—even to the point where my other children often felt I neglected them and that I was somewhat of an absent-minded mother because my mind was always elsewhere.

Truly, it was necessary for me to have that concentration to carry Jesus through to the fulfillment of his mission. And thus, my attention was never far from that immaculate concept. But as I stood there at the foot of the cross, I suddenly realized that Jesus’ mission was fulfilled, and thus I could take my motherly love to an entirely different level, to a universal level. And the same love that I had for Jesus, I could transfer to all people on earth. And indeed, at that moment, I too gave up the mortal self—although I remained in embodiment.

I gave up that sense of self so narrowly focused on one particular body and one life. And instead, I adopted the more universal sense of motherhood for all life. And thus, I ask you to consider that I am holding the immaculate concept for you and the fulfillment of your mission and the manifestation of your Christhood—in exactly the same way that I did for Jesus. And I ask you to consider that I am now an ascended being, and thus my power to hold the immaculate concept is infinitely greater than it was back then.

Which means that if you will allow me, I can be of far greater assistance to you than I was to Jesus. But you have to be willing to accept that you are worthy to have Mary, the Mother of Jesus, hold the immaculate concept for you. And you can accept that only if you can accept that I, Mary the Mother of Jesus, the Queen of heaven, the Mother of God – with all of my fearful and fearsome titles that have been bestowed upon me by people who wish to idolize me – and even with all of that, you need to be willing to accept that I, Mary, love you the same way I loved Jesus.

My Beloved, think back to a few moments ago, when I told you about my love for Jesus. I think you will find that you found it quite easy to accept that I have or had an infinite love for Jesus back then, because it seems so far away from you right now where you are. And I think you will sense that when you consider that I have the same love for you right now as I had for Jesus back then, you will find that there is something in you that cannot quite accept my words. And that something is what you need to unmask and uncover. And then you need to see that it is truly only a ghost of unreality, born of the sense of separation from God that made you feel unwhole. And thus, you need to give up that ghost, for until you do, you will be hanging on your own private cross and not being able to move freely in your being.

Oh my beloved, I truly have no greater desire than to see every human being on earth come to accept the infinite and unconditional love of the Divine Mother that is focused through my heart for each person on this beautiful planet. And yet, when I come to people, so often their minds reside in a very small box, and their minds prevent their hearts from being open to my Presence.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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