Mary’s relationship with Joseph

Ascended Master Mother Mary, February 13, 2010, through Kim Michaels.

Is it a coincidence, that Saint Germain was the being who was embodied as Joseph and that Joseph and I were the parents of the living Christ in Jesus? Indeed, it is not, for it was through that experience, that the foundation was set, whereby Saint Germain was able to transcend these traditional divisions—that are not just the division between man and woman but the division between the male and female aspect of every human being, every soul, every lifestream. 

By experiencing being together with me, Saint Germain was raised up and set on a course, that took him to his ascension—and therefore, he is now the hierarch of Aquarius. At the time, 2,000 years ago, I was indeed the one who was on the brink of making my ascension. And thus, Saint Germain was the one who was further from it, and was therefore lifted up and brought into balance through our physical and spiritual relationship.

My Beloved, I have spoken before of the fact, that Jesus was not conceived through the standard Catholic definition of the immaculate conception, but there is a deeper understanding, namely that Saint Germain, Saint Joseph, and I did indeed come together in a physical union. And therefore, the conception was through physical means, but we were led in that togetherness by the Holy Spirit. But the deeper understanding of it is, that when we came together in physical union, we transcended the entire consciousness of duality. 

And this is indeed why, from a spiritual perspective, you can say that Jesus was immaculately conceived. For he was not conceived in the traditional way, where man and woman come together, both being trapped in the duality consciousness. And therefore, their union is at a physical level, and it cannot transcend to that higher level, where in reality they are not having sex in the traditional sense, as it is understood by most people. But they come together in a union that is so pure, that is at such a higher level, that there is no comparison to what most people experience in their relationships.

I am not saying this to give rise to another value judgment, for those who can manifest this higher union are those who can transcend all value judgments. And those who cannot or will not transcend, will continue to have normal relationships. But the reality is, that in this day of the Aquarian age, the dawning of the Aquarian age, it is needed that a great number of men and women can come together in a relationship, that is not based on the traditional desires – the traditional “lusts of the flesh” or whatever you may wish to call them – but that transcends these human desires. And therefore, they come together in a purity, a pure union, that has no comparison to the normal state of union between men and women, that is so common in today’s society—and that, indeed, is outpictured in most of the perversions you see, whether it be pornography or perverted forms of sexuality.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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