Many have misunderstood Christhood

Ascended Master Jesus, January 3, 2011 through Kim Michaels.

What is, then, Christhood? There are many who have looked at Christhood and completely misunderstood what it is about. First of all, there are of course the Christians, who believe that I was the only one who ever was or ever could be the Christ in embodiment. They have created a completely idolatrous image, whereby they think that I had the full measure of Christhood before I even took embodiment, before I even entered my mother’s womb.

This, of course, was not the case, as I have explained on my website. I had indeed embodied before that incarnation. I had gradually grown in consciousness, and even during my last incarnation as Jesus, I went through a process of gradually attaining and claiming my Christhood. And truly, it was not until the wedding in Cana that I dared to express it publicly—at least in the country that was to be the main focus of that embodiment.

Another misunderstanding comes about by the people who have gone beyond the official doctrines of the Christian religion, doctrines that are clearly defined by the fallen beings for the purpose of making me the exception, so that no one dares to follow in my footsteps. Many have – either through an ascended master teaching or through other teachings – dared to realize that I was not the only one who could attain Christhood. Yet many, even many ascended master students, have also misunderstood what it means to attain Christhood.

They think that it means some superior attainment that you have to acquire through a long and arduous process of initiation. They believe it is somewhat comparable to any skill you acquire on earth, such as the ability to perform certain sports or to perform any other complex task. Yet Christhood is not a PhD programme that one can follow from start to finish and then the result is guaranteed. Christhood is a highly individualized process.

There is no standard for Christhood.

Why is there no standard? For a very simple reason. For you, as an individual, to be the Christ means, quite simply, that you are the open door for your I AM Presence to express itself through you. And this expression happens through the Omega aspect of the Presence, the I Will Be Who I Will Be Presence. This is where your true, God-given spiritual individuality and identity is anchored.

It is not a matter of you – with the outer mind here in embodiment – acquiring some sophisticated skill or passing a set of sophisticated initiations. This is not to say that manifesting Christhood cannot be represented as a path that leads you from a lower level towards higher levels. Certainly, the path can be pictured this way. Nevertheless, the process of acquiring, attaining, Christhood is not the same as attaining some outer skill. The process of becoming the Christ in embodiment is a process of unlearning everything you have learned with the outer mind.

Christhood is not the same as spiritualizing the ego

Why is this so? Because being the Christ means being open door for the Presence, whereby the Presence can express itself through you, unhindered of any filter in the lower mind. Unfortunately, many ascended master students have fallen prey to the very subtle illusion promoted by the fallen beings, namely that becoming the Christ means creating a sophisticated ego that has taken on the appearance of a spiritual person.

If you look at the Christian religion, you will see that for centuries it has raised up a certain image as the ideal for how a human being should be or behave—if that human being is spiritual or saintly. Many ascended master students have built onto this and have created an image for what it means to be the Christ, to attain Christhood. They think that this can be defined through some outer standard, such as looking a certain way, walking a certain way, talking a certain way. Nevertheless, as the old song goes, “walk like the Christ, talk like that Christ” but this does not make you Christ.

I realize there is an old book, called The Imitation of Christ. And although there can be some validity to imitating a spiritual person, I must tell you that attempting to adapt your outer behavior to a certain ideal can only take you so far on the path—and it will not take you to Christhood.

Certainly, you can look at the world today and you can find many people who have a behavior or a way of life that is not conducive to any kind of spiritual growth, because it traps them into repeating certain patterns over and over again. So there can be value in for a time imitating a higher ideal, so that you free yourself from these worldly patterns of behavior. Nevertheless, if you think that continuing to refine your behavior according to some external ideal will get you to Christhood, then you are mistaken.

For there comes a point, where you need to recognize that as long as you have an external standard, there will forever be a gap between your current state of consciousness and Christhood. For the external standard can only be a graven image that you set before the true God of your I AM Presence. And if you think that you have to adapt your behavior to this external standard, you will also automatically think that the expression of your I AM Presence through you must also be adapted to this external standard. And thus, you will not be open door for the Presence. You will not be open door to the winds of the Holy Spirit that bloweth where it listeth.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.



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