Male-dominated Christianity cannot lead people to salvation

Ascended Master Jesus, March 23, 2008 through Kim Michaels.

What I am saying here is, that the Christianity that you have today has deliberately been perverted in denying the importance of the Divine Feminine, in denying the teachings I have just given you. And which I did give in a veiled form 2,000 years ago, and which some of my disciples did indeed grasp and did indeed teach to others—although, again, few people understood it at the time.

So you see the consequence here: the Christianity you have today, the male-dominated form of Christianity, can never lead people to salvation! Do you understand my beloved? It can never fulfill its promise of leading people to salvation. It is impossible, it is a false promise—and every Christian Church that promises salvation to its members is making a false promise. Christianity can only fulfill its potential, when the role of the Divine Feminine is restored in Christianity.

This does not necessarily mean, that we need to have a role-reversal, where suddenly women take over all positions formerly held by men. But it does mean, that we need to create a new Christianity, where it is of no consequence whether you are in a male or female body, for you can hold any position, fulfill any role in that religion, in that movement.

Only women can restore Christianity

The Christian Churches of today are so stuck in this male-dominated mindset, that the only way they could possibly transcend is that women are acknowledged as being completely equal to men, and are allowed then to hold any position in Christian churches. This has the potential, that they can balance the male element and eventually bring balance to the churches. But it is a rather low probability that the mainstream Christian churches will be willing to make that transition.

Thus, is it far more realistic to expect that new Christian churches need to spring up, new movements need to spring up, so that people come out of the old churches and join new churches, new movements. This does not mean that I envision most mainstream Christians joining a movement that recognizes direct revelation from the ascended masters. For many Christians are not ready for this, but I tell you clearly as also emphasized by Mother Mary and Kuan Yin, that women hold the key to the potential for transforming Christianity.

And thus, I ask you, who are the more spiritually aware people, to envision that women are raised up in all Christian churches, and that they either are allowed to transform the churches, or that women stand up and say, “We must then come apart from these inflexible rigid churches, and start and find a new way to approach the mysteries of Christ, so that we can unify the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.”

This is the vision I desire you to hold on this Easter Sunday and beyond—that the Divine Mother is restored in the Christian religion. Especially that the value of the Divine Mother is finally recognized and understood, recognizing also that it is not only women who can be in contact with or be extensions of the Divine Mother. But that both men and women must become extensions of the Divine Mother, as I have explained it in this discourse. For only when both men and women are balanced in the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, will you reach your full potential individually and as a spiritual movement, that can pull up the collective consciousness. So that you can be the top ten percent who pull up the eighty percent of the people and bring forth the judgement of the lowest 10 percent. So that if they will not change, they will be removed from this planet and have opportunities elsewhere.

Hold the vision of a resurrected Christianity

Thus my beloved, hold that vision. Hold the vision, that Christianity will be resurrected, that there will be an awakening so that as a critical mass of people in all Christian churches, or at least in as many as possible, will be willing to give up the ghost of the old male-dominated unbalanced Christianity. They will be willing to let that identity, that mass identity, die, so that the movement that I came to start can be resurrected, and we can have a truly balanced spiritual movement. Where the Father and Mother, the Masculine and Feminine, work in perfect harmony and union, so that people can overcome separation between matter and spirit, between the Creator and its creation, between the unexpressed God and the expressed God in all of its expressions. So that all of its expressions are indeed aware of themselves as expressions of the One indivisible God.

This is the vision I hold. This is the vision Mother Mary holds. I ask you to also hold that vision, and see that this movement will start, especially with the women in Christian churches who will wake up and say, “The old ways are no longer working! This cannot go on. We must take on a more active role, not in setting up ourselves against the men, but in helping the men see, that they too are trapped in their traditional roles. And they too would experience greater freedom by rising above them, by going beyond them, by simply letting that ghost die, that is holding them nailed to the cross of an unbalanced religion, an unbalanced world view.” This is my call, this is my vision.

And I also wish to extend my great gratitude to all of you who are participating in this conference, so that you are adding to the momentum that has been created. For I can assure you that you have already precipitated a major breakthrough in the collective consciousness. You have achieved the goal that we envisioned for this conference. And thus, I wish you to feel the gratitude that all of us have for your willingness to be the spearhead, so to speak, to break through this old encrusted male-dominated consciousness, and carve a pathway for the resurrection of the Divine Feminine in all areas of spirituality. And even in the area of religion, so that religion can become spiritualized instead of the current condition, where most mainstream religions no longer have any spiritual element, any spiritual fire, any spiritual teaching. And thus, of course, they cannot satisfy the spiritual needs of today’s spiritual people, who will not settle for doctrines and dogmas, but want answers that make sense and take them into an intuitive recognition, and intuitive experience, of what I called the Spirit of Truth.

Thus my beloved, I seal you in my Flame of Infinite Joy, for truly I came to bring Joy to the world, as this is my keynote. Thus, I bid you catch my Joy and bring it to the people. For if you truly understand what I have told you in this discourse – that the Kingdom of God is at hand – then how could you not feel Joy?


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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