Life of Saint Francis

Ascended Master Kuthumi, October 22, 2006 through Kim Michaels.

Beloved, I am the Being who was known as Saint Francis and whom many of you now know as the ascended master Kuthumi. Thus, I have asked the messenger to read the original prayer of Saint Francis and the new prayer of Saint Francis, that I inspired him to write based on the old—but by taking the old one to an entirely higher level, where it is given a completely different tone, vibration and power.

For you see, as the being who was embodied as Saint Francis, I think I should say I have the right to criticize myself and give myself a critical review of what was missing in that embodiment as Saint Francis. For you who know me as the ascended master Kuthumi, will know that I did not ascend after that embodiment, despite the fact that many Christians revere Saint Francis as the ultimate expression, the ultimate embodiment, of the teachings of Christ.

Yet had I fully embodied the teachings of Christ back then, do you not think I would have ascended after that embodiment? Surely, it would have been so. And thus, I might recommend that those of you who feel a tie to me as an ascended master, will study my life as Saint Francis, after you have studied some of the teachings we have given, such as Jesus’ teaching on the ego and the teachings on the duality consciousness. And then you will be able yourselves to get much more detail than what I will give you now. But I will give you some discourse about what was missing in the life of Saint Francis and why such a life, lived in such imitation of Christ, still was not enough to qualify me for the ascension. It was, indeed, in large part because I had not fully understood and internalized the essential principle of becoming the Living Christ, which is that you take command, first over your own being and then you go out and take command over the earth by putting yourself right in the face of those who represent anti-Christ.

Taking a stand

I should, as Saint Francis, have taken a more clear stand against the false leadership and the false doctrines of the Catholic Church, instead of falling under the illusion of misguided loyalty, of confusing the loyalty to Christ with the loyalty to an outer Church who claimed to be the only true representative of Christ. For I should have seen that no outer organization or person can be the exclusive representative of Christ, for no human institution or mental box can hold the Living Christ.

I know full well that there are many people, both in the Christian and New Age community, who revere the prayer of Saint Francis in its different forms. But I must tell you that if you read that prayer, you will see that it was an expression of a state of consciousness that must now go into the dustbin of history and be replaced by the recognition that you are not passive beings, sitting here expecting the genie in the bottle, the God in the sky, to do everything for you.

“Lord make me an instrument of your peace.” No my beloved, you have to choose to be an instrument of peace. You have to choose to let your light shine, so that you do not pray to some remote God to do it for you. For truly, you can of your own self do nothing, but you must still be the open door for the light of God to shine through. For the Light of God must have a lens, a prism, through which it can shine, so that it can be focused here on earth. And that is the step up that Jesus had expressed when he said, “My Father worketh hitherto—and I work.”

And this is what I, as Saint Francis, did not fully embody and what most Christians to this day have not embodied or have not even understood. So they still take a passive approach. They still think that Jesus was a pacifist. No! He was the Prince of Peace. And the Prince of Peace is not a pacifist. Neither is he a warlord who goes out and defeats the forces who create war. For the Prince of Peace is above and beyond duality, and thus he is neither in the pacifist extreme, nor in the warring extreme.


This is an excerpt from a longer teaching. You can read the full dictation HERE.

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